Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Great Soul Embarkment On My Spiritual Path's Journey!

NOTES ON "Preparations" BEFORE "The Beginning!"

Indigenous Shamanic Winds' "Soul Coaching" Musings
Saturday, 15 December 2012

I love getting ready  and preparing for any new Journeys I am about to embark on, and the new one I'm starting is based on Denise Linn's book, Soul Coaching, through the lovely creative lovely woman, Jamie Ridler -- whom back in 2008 created through her 'The Next Chapter' tools and explorations with others across the web and studying Linn's book.

I used to love sitting down for hours reading books back in the days when I'd rather be reading something of interest instead of doing my homework for school!  As an adult, I've collected many new books of interest and haven't read any of them all the way through -- and when I started up reading at others' sites, I heard a lot about the "Soul" and decided once again, that it was time to dig deep into my Self once again, (seems like I'm always doing that, LOL!), and when I ran across Ridler's site, I followed a link to this wonderful Journey I decided to take!

Writing has always been a love and hobby of mine, so I'll probably follow along the course logging in two Journals -- one for pure writing and side-notes, and another for adding "Art" to.  I have a little Memo Book Journal that I add things of interest (recipes, quotes, short notes, doodles, etc.) already, and often when I write something down that I want to remember on a "whim", I grab the nearest piece of paper or napkin beside me -- for I usually take notes in my 'mind', but always forget about them later when I want to remember them!

There are 28 days of this course, but I'm sure I'll probably go along with it as I am inspired in doing so, and since learning about one's "Soul" is a long process, it'll become more of something I'll do for a lifetime commitment.

I have a hard time with 'Intentions' -- since I have a chaotic mind at times, I am easily distracted and get off-course, but it's all a part of "Trusting the Process" for me -- but I think I'll do something easy and basic for this project.  Maybe draw a picture and along side it, write out an "Affirmation" for this.

And put it someplace where I can look physically at it every day!  This is what I plan on doing for my "Sacred Contract".

Oh, and what better place than to have it sitting on an "Altar" -- I love decorating and dedicating Altars!

"Becoming the Bear, Hibernating In My Cave, Planting My New Seeds Of My Spiritual Seeds, Embarking On This Great 'Soul Coaching' Journey....."

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dr. Estes describes the door to the soul’s work -- in her case to the Wild Woman -- this way:

"I’ll tell you right now, the door to the world of Wild Woman are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much that you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, that is a door."

I fell in love with this phrase when I was reading through our first Day 1's Lesson with Sara over at her Soul Spackle site!  Our Wild Woman work is like energy, always continuous and moving, flowing and free, Doors are always opening and closing and re-opening for us -- but little do some of us know that each time we open a Door, our Soul is waiting there for us to enter inside. 

Just this past year I've opened so many new doors.  Some have been shiny and bright, while others have been dull and gray.  I've received new perceptions on life that have filled me to the brim, as well as making mistakes opening up an old can of worms. 

Ooooooooh, and those nasty worms...

"The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out"!!! 

But I pick up my Fishing Pole and snag the worm through and around the hook, and cast it out into the deep depths of the Water as far as it will go.  I watch the bobber as it floats upon the surface.  I sit quietly in Meditation.  I look at the Sky.  I listen to that all around me.  I feel peaceful.  Sometimes my patience gets trying, but I get through it after rambling off some angered feelings.  Yet I get back to settling my mind and body, wiggle my toes and fingers a bit, shake loose the wiggles, and am at peace again. 

Until the bobber sinks and pulls into the water, then I am up and active and using all my strength and courage in reeling in what has hooked itself on the line. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Medicine Bundle & I ~ Unscathed

Some tend to Sacred Space as being in a certain place at a certain time, with all the ambience flowing around them...
I love those spontaneous moments where Sacred Space can be anywhere a the unexpected times in our lives -- and especially outdoors, there's already all the 'natural ambience' all around and within me, I get lost in thoughts and create my own rituals without even knowing it at times -- 
and that's what makes me follow my own heart .
Being my own Self without having to prove anything to others.
Knowing what I love and being completely satisfied with things just the way they are.
I had been outside walking one of our dogs when something in the Air called me in finding some Medicine.  I gathered a few 'Trinkets' along the way and made my Sacred Space at a round table we have in our front yard -- since it was somewhat warm and sunny out, I could see what I was doing in the natural light there in that spot.
I wanted to open up the 'Burdock' burrs to have its Seeds in my Medicine.  Good thing I did, I found a few little white worms inside a few of them!  I don't know if they were living or not -- they were still and curled up half-way and not moving -- but I said a little prayer and flung them out into the grass.

I found an Oak Leaf that had fallen and blown in our yard from one of our surrounding Trees to put my Medicine Findings in on the table.  I carefully laid out some Evergreen Resin, Burrs and their Seeds, Rose Hips from our Rosa Multiflora bush, and some White Pine Needles.

It was at that 'spontaneous' moment, not really knowing what I was going to do with my Medicine Findings, that I decided on making myself a MEDICINE BUNDLE!

I excitedly went into the house to find some string to tie it together with, and in hopes that the dried out Oak Leaf wouldn't crumble as I did this.  I grabbed some scissors and went back out to my Sacred Space, and tied the Medicine Bundle Findings up -- three ties around the top, and cut the string. 

I took the Medicine Bundle Findings inside to my Altar.  I 'Smudged' it with my White Sage, Purified it of any negative impurities, and silently Blessed it with love and care.

I then held it in my non-dominant hand (my left one) and gave 'Thanks' for my Medicine Bundle Findings coming into my life at this very moment.  
Setting it down upon my special plate at my Altar in which I have other special offerings I have made in the past -- I Blessed it by lighting my White Candle and let it burn for a while, and went along my merry way for the rest of my daily tasks.  


   ~ )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds, 
               Originally Composed on Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writing Our Way Home blog: The first Mindful Writing Day - join me? (a blog f...

Writing Our Way Home blog: The first Mindful Writing Day - join me? (a blog f...: Hi folks - if you'd like to help us spread the word about the first Mindful Writing Day , do copy and paste this blog onto your own blog, ...

In note to today's posting at Writing Our Way Home HERE, this phrase caught my eye and explains what a small stone is simply: 

"Tomorrow, more than a thousand 
people all over the world 
will be pausing, 
paying attention, and 
writing down what they observe." 

"When holding a Small Stone in your hand, notice how it permeates light from within and brings HOPE to the future ahead....."  (

In hopes that more people who read this today take part in this mind-blowing event with soooo many others from around the world -- SEE YOU THERE!!!

  )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Monday, October 22, 2012

Only 10 Days Away! Let's Get Writing With An Open Mind!

Only 10 days away from Writing Our Way Home's "Mindful Writing Day 2012" -- Don't miss out on gathering your Small Stones this November 1st!!!

"When holding a Small Stone in your hand, notice how it permeates light from within and brings HOPE to the future ahead....."

Ooooooooohhhhhh, I'm excited to announce that the site Writing Your Way Home is offering a "Mindful Writing Day", starting November 1, 2012 (read more about it here).  This past January 2012, they offered a month's worth of many who joined from around the world in a "Small Stones Writing Challenge", which I loved participating in and if you missed reading them, I have my listing of each Small Stone that I wrote over at my other Blogger at this link:  Small Stones Writing Challenge

What, may you ask, is a 'Small Stone'?

"A small stone is a short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment."

Here is a sample of one of the many writers who left a Small Stone in the comments section this past year:

Jean Mishra said...
The night is as still as deep water with no kiss of breeze. Only the rhythmic sleeping breath of the darkness brushes ever so slightly against the ear. Then beyond the gate, the tolling bark of a street dog rings. Its voice echoes among the sleeping concrete honeycombs, seeking specific ears. Then an expectant hush. A stray voice punctuates the night in kind, distantly; a reply. Ever so faintly, another joins. The ritual conversation has begun; a secret society moonlit meeting. Only the night knows the affair.

As it appears on my blog:  (*click on Jean's name above to take you to this link*)
10 January 2012

*Isn't it gorgeous?  I missed out on reading that one before, cannot wait to read more at her site as well!*

So get out those pens and pencils and paper and sketch pads, or head out into nature at the beach or in the woods -- and join me this November 1st in this wonderful MINDFUL WRITING DAY -- and check back on my Blogger HERE for my links to each posting I will be making for this project!

Writing Our Way Home will be giving away five paperback copies of A Blackbird Sings, our second small stone anthology, to our favourite five (wherever in the world the authors live).

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy *~smiley face~* Blues!

I bought this recyclable Daisy bag because the flowers on it make me Happy...

I used to love reading books, and still do -- I've had this one for what seems like decades now, and need to dig back into the Mysteries again... 

Guess this jar needs a little more Self-care! After dusting and cleansing it, I'll have it back to use it for my Blessing Water...

 A Gift from a special friend before my new life began with my husband this past Spring...

Not really the 'sparkly-kind-of-glitter woman', but scarves can be used for many different things -- and this one's my favorite xo... 

Just love how various colours have shone brighter in my Opal Aura stone after letting the rays of the Blue Moon we had this past year saturated its Powerful Energies into it since...


 Love the Crescent Moon & Stars, sheds light in the darkness...

Don't even really have to make a Wish...I'M TOTALLY HAPPY JUST THE WAY THINGS ARE...almost!!!

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Old Quest of the Shamanic Witch In Me

Old Quest of the Witch In Me

    ~by Indigenous Shamanic Winds ©2009

Here are a few questions you could ask someone who you are considering having as a teacher.

How long have you been on this path? I have been
on a Self-taught Path now for the past 12 years of my life. I have
thoroughly enjoyed the journey I have been on and actually know that
Witchcraft and Shamanism has been running through my blood since before I was even
brought into this world. During this time that I have been on my own
individual Path, I have acknowledged that all our Ancient Ancestors
have left me with Their abilities and skills as teachers, seers,
witches, healers, etc. on the Journey I have committed myself to and
have traveled on so far -- and have learned that one on this Path, the
one I have chosen and taken upon for myself as a Witch/Seeker, is
never-ending, always learning.

It has been brought to my attention that there are others
who are willing in learning along with me -- and though I do not
consider myself as a teacher yet, I do teach what I know and have
experienced over the years of my practice -- therefore I am giving my
time and energies and sharing with those who would like sharing the
Journey with me along the Path I have taken so far. Therefore, I shall
take on the role as an honest and truthful 'Guide'
in not only learning through love of myself and my own Journey, but
also in helping Guide others in perfect love and perfect trust.

For I am a 'Teacher' of what I do know, and a 'Guide' for those willing
to learn in developing their own practices and experiences along with
me on OUR JOURNEY together until the time comes in stemming off on one's own Path.

What is the name of your Tradition? I do not have
a Tradition of my own, though I do learn from various cultural
Traditions that I find interesting and that work for me on my own Path
-- and though I have never been officially 'Initiated' into a specific
Tradition, I use what stems from other Traditions into my own Journey
towards learning Witchcraft and other Earth-based spiritualities.

I am a Self-taught Eclectic Solitary Practicing Native Celtic Shaman Witch in practice. As being an 'Eclectic Solitary Witch', I believe that Traditions of the Craft are and can be used as 'Tools'
for the beginning practitioner curious on which they endeavor when
first learning -- 'Tools' in the sense of avidly researching about the
histories, mythologies and journeys of former Witches/Seekers and  such.

I do not believe that as an Eclectic Solitary Practitioner that one
needs to be Initiated into a certain Tradition unless down the lines of
their researches and learnings of the Craft do they choose to do so.
Therefore, in finding which Path or Tradition is right for the
individual practitioner in Witchcraft, let alone any other Earth-based spirituality, a new student must at least be
dedicated in learning on their own first about the 'Basics', what it means to call oneself a Witch/Seeker, and researching and
gathering as much data as one can during the time period which is often
called in the Craft "One Year-and-A-Day" -- or by all means however
long it takes one in reaching a decision in what is accomplished during
the time needed in making one's own choice for how she or he goes about
living her or his life thereafter.

Who have your Teachers been? When speaking of 'Teachers' in the Craft, I believe that there are three important Teachers in respect of Teaching "In and Of Itself". These three things include:

1. OURSELVES -- One thing I have learned in Witchcraft and in general my own life itself is solely the fact that 'we are our own teachers'
-- and in order in fulfilling this concept of being our own teachers
for ourselves, we are taught and learn in respect of loving and putting
ourselves first. Though not in meaning out of selfishness we love and
worship ourselves and develop an ego trip from this aspect. Let me

By loving ourselves for who we truly are, through all our faults and
healthy humilities, we are teaching ourselves what it is like to just
be who we are as both unique individual human beings and giving
ourselves the chance in opening up our 'true Selves' to the Divine when
called upon in the magickal realm. For those who do not love themselves
and see that it is okay to be who we are and have all these special
gifts and talents, how can we open ourselves up to others?

Therefore, putting forth the effort in taking the time in learning
about ourselves and who we really are is an important factor in
learning about our Inner Selves -- including the strength and ability
in loving ourselves through good times and bad -- and reconnecting with
our Selves by facing and getting through the changes and roadblocks it
takes in facing the many consequences of this challenge in our lives.

In learning by plowing through and being open with ourselves in finding
out who we are by following our own intuitions and doing the best we
can in making the right decisions for ourselves in life, we then can
have a deeper meaning on who we are through all of our faulty mistakes
and great humilities -- and are able to remove these blocks from our
lives and move on with taking care of 'Others', our next teacher.

2. OTHERS -- After we realize that taking care of
ourselves by loving us for who we are, we can then move on to Others
who teach us. When we are able in loving ourselves and trusting
ourselves as our own Teachers, it enables us then in accepting what
Others can teach us. As we get comfortable with our intuitions and
decision makings of our own, we then are more able in hearing what
Others offer to us.

Through trusting Others and what criticisms or compliments they may
give us along the way, we also take in tact that through our own love
and trust in ourselves, we can make our own decisions on which Others
lend their love and trust through their own humilities upon us. What
the Others may teach may or may not work for us; therefore, the love
and trust we have in ourselves guide us into making our own decisions
in which we work with what is best for us, and either pass along what
was learned from Others to others who may have use for it, or we embark
upon their guidance and make our own Pathway with what we learned from
them teaching us.

We learn everyday from Others. I find learning from total strangers is
the best form for me. In saying this and what I mean by this statement
is, when we see Others in action doing something we think or know is
wrong, and we do not follow in their footsteps in making the same
mistakes. And when we confide into Others about ourselves, we are
opening the gateways towards learning what they may share with us on
our Path. That gives us the chance to learn a different perspective on
an approach in our studies.

It does not matter if what we learn from Others is good or bad; for the
love and trust in ourselves is what helps us in making the right
decisions or changes in our lives in becoming better practitioners --
and when we go through the endless processes of changing ourselves
through the help of Others, we can move onto the last concept that I
believe is the most important Teacher of all: NATURE.

3. NATURE -- Believe it or not, Nature teaches us
EVERYTHING. At least the way I look at it, if we open all our senses up
the next time we go outside and become calm and still, we are amazed at
how Nature talks through and with us -- if we just listen.

Take the Element of Air. We hear it whipping through the tree branches,
around us, through our hair...what is it telling us by this helpful
structure? Have you ever heard the cliche "Listen to the Wind"? Air can
also guide us in its teachings of destructions. Like when the clouds in
the sky get dark and it sets forth a gust of hot or cold wind, it's
teaching us that a storm or tornado may soon be on its way.

The same things for the Elements of Fire, Water, and Earth. They can
lend and guide us about their ways of teaching through our senses in
listening for their helpful and destructive manners.

So when we open up our minds and let the Spirits guide and protect us,
we are then learning through our senses and thoughts on what Nature is
then teaching us.

What books you read? I have many facets of books
that over the years I have referred to in my Self-studies. I have
studied and am still studying the works of the following authors (many
of them I have either read or skimmed through at one point or another

Starhawk: on Witchcraft, the Goddess; the book The Spiral Dance in its entireity.
Budapest, Z.: Dianic Witchcraft, the Goddess Diana; the book The Women's Holy Book of Mysteries, Vol. 1.
De Grandis, Francesca: her approach of teaching from the school she
developed The Third Road, dealing with the Fae, Shamanism, Celtic,
Goddesses, Self-cleansing, Clearing of blocks; Be a Goddess!; my personal study guide in learning the Craft in its many aspects, and later continuing on to her book Goddess Intuition.
Margot Adler: paganism, classic, about; Drawing Down the Moon.
Monaghan, Patricia: the Goddess, rituals, hymns, daily guidance; her books The Goddess Path and The Goddess Companion.
Phyllis Curott: magick, crafting of the Witch, quantum physics, story
of own life coming into Witchcraft, Shamanism, exercises,
'experiencing' the Craft, Witchcraft guide; Book of Shadows and Witch Crafting and The Love Story.
McCoy, Edain: Celtic lore and mythology, rituals, basic steps, spells, journeys; Celtic Myth & Magick.
Dugan, Ellen: charms, simplistic and natural magick, gardens, altars; The Natural Witch amongst others of her books.

And many, many more guide books on the Craft by Amber K., D.J. Conway,
Janet and Stewart Farrar, Carol Christ, Merlin Stone, Eliade Mircea,
Doreen Valiente, Kisma K. Stepanich, and others I will list as I go
along/read more.

I also read as much as I can on the various websites, including that of
Sacred-Texts for mythologies and histories (since I only own a few
books of my own on those subjects
), and am learning more about readings
on Druidry, the Fae, and Native American spirituality.  Included also in my studies are that from Kiva Rose's and Susun Weed's sites -- Herbs is one of my major studies on my ever-learning Path at the moment.

Books are an excellent source for learning, as long as they are all
"read with a grain of salt" -- along with the fact that whether a book
is good or bad, you learn from it by taking what works best for
yourself and disregarding the rest.

What paths have you followed? I follow the many
Paths that my Patron Celtic Goddess, Brigid, has placed me on my
Journey for -- and being Eclectic, one can learn and use from any
source available and worthy of learning from. I started off with
learning the basics of modern day Wicca and found the true meaning of
Witchcraft through its exercises and practices that I have done -- so I
lean more towards the practices and learnings of The Old Ways of the
Ancient Shining Ones in Witchcraft. I have and am still studying and
researching the Goddess and the Gods, Celtic Lore and Mythologies and
Spirituality, the Fae, Druidism, touched upon a few other Pantheons of
their histories and Gods, Shamanism in both Modern Day and Native
American, Native American spirituality and their cultures; I have
written spells and rituals, kept journals, worked with my Tarot Deck
(The Shapeshifter deck and book) for Divination, Simple Rune
Divinations, Candle Magick, healings, self-cleansings/clearings; I am
in the process of learning about Herbs and Essential Oils, so a little
in Herbology and Aromatherapy as healing devices, bath salts, and am
shaping myself in working spiritually with becoming a Witchy Business
Woman of a New Age store that is in process of developing in its
beginning stages...amongst other things that I've run across in my time.

I do not know everything, obviously we never will know everything about
the Paths we Journey on -- for the Craft is an ever-lasting process of
learning and developing the skills in being the Witch that you just ARE. But these are the Pathways of Guidance that I am on at this moment in time.

What brought you to Craft? In simple terms what
brought me to the Craft was the decision I made when I found
patriarchal religions putting women down. The restrictions I had as a
Catholic were just not cutting it in regards to my spiritual
preferences about all should be treated equal and not as if we are
women (and men) living under the guilty consciousness of 'being and
living in Sin
'. I do not particualarily like getting into this subject
manner of politics, so I will just say that I was born with the Craft
flowing through my veins red with all of its aspects inside me -- and
that is who I am and why I call myself a Witch/Seeker today.

And a special thanks to the lady who is unknown to me that wrote the
article in the Self Magazine on the Love Spell adapted from both
Starhawk's and Budapest's works when I first was brought to Witchcraft.
Blessed Be to my Silent Guide.

Will there be homework? It is requested, but not
required. Requested in the means of, do you really want to learn all
you can about your new embarkment along your Journey? If the answer is
'yes', then the homework you aquire is that of learning and researching
as much as you can within the limits of taking things day-by-day and at
your own pace. By required, yes, it would be nice to share your
thoughts and feelings and what you learn and experience along the way
-- but that is totally up to the individual. If you don't want things
read by others, keep it secret, in your own Journal or Book of Shadows
or log it as 'Just Me' in a Blog.

This is my way of looking at homework as:  If you are here
to learn from a Teacher or a Guide or Others on the Journey you have
been invited on, yes, by all means, do any homework or lessons or
exercises that you receive. If they do not interest you, adapt them to
your needs, and then you have not only your own work, but have
accomplished something you may not want to have done! If Others are
sharing with you, isn't it out of deep respect to give back a little
that's not asking too much?

And any other question which you personally feel meets your personal need.

"If this isn't your journey, than what is? That is for each individual to answer on their own."     ~Indigenous Shamanic Winds

Written and Composed by:  Indigenous Shamanic Winds
Updated on:  Saturday, 15 May 2010
Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 2012's First FULL MOON Blessing

One of my dear friends, Fernie, has been such an inspiring Blessing in the Path of the Goddess in her writings -- and I wanted to share delightfully a Poem I found by her (prior this month) for this month of August's First FULL MOON.....)O(

She guides me in the sweet moonlight
this Lady Goddess all dressed in white.
And in the glow of sacredness
she blessed me with a wondrous gift.

And as I sank upon my knees in awe at such a holy thing.
She raised me up and said to me,
"sweet daughter I have chosen thee".

Blessed am I to be a child of the Lady of the Light.
And we will join together on every Full Moon Night.
Blessed be the Lady
Blessed be us everyone
And blessed be this wondrous Full Moon
in safety and health and love and light!

FernLily (c)
Aug 2, 2012
My Heart lies in my Sister here....xo
   ~)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stories From Home...The Simple Things Held Onto In Life


I want to sit down in the middle of the
craziest day in my life
and think about the
moon and the clouds
It's okay to be ambitious
for simple things


Just look how young and happy and carefree I was as a young adult fresh out of High School! Man oh man! have the years passed by so quickly since then..... I'm guessing this photo was taken by my Mom in the Fall of 1990, shortly before I had trodded to the UP of Michigan to attend my Freshman year of college at Northern Michigan University.

A part of me still lives in those two big hoop silver earrings -- the Independence and Freedom of making new choices in my life when met at the Crossroads: either veering off to the left or the right down the next Pathway of my life.

A younger friend of mine, whom I hadn't really gotten to know all that well, came to my Graduation Party at the Park and had given me that special heart/diamond necklace of gold. I believe she knew more of me
than what I appeared being at that time in my life -- the girl with a heart of gold, worth more than any diamonds ever bought.

The Cross that is hung from my neck was especially made for me years before my college days -- a gift from my Mom with one of her Diamonds that had fallen out from her Wedding Ring. I wore it many times in keeping the Spiritual Faith that was instilled in me and kept my Mom close to my heart in memory. That necklace is now gone and I regret why I had lost it -- but maybe someday, somehow, it will be retrieved again and may possibly come back to me when I least expect it to.

Until then, the Memories...the Love shared between Family...the simple things in life...Shall be found in these Indigenous Woods in Nature at a Place I will Always Call

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perfect Timing for Yet Another Wonderful Inspiration In My Life!

Once again, I've been totally inspired by another wonderful person -- Shannon this time, over at her site "a free Spirit life"!!!  I was reading her newsletter that was sent out to me, found her page on Facebook, and wrote in response to the beautiful quote below by an old favorite author of mine during my childhood/adolescent years in my life, JUDY BLUME...

 "Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them.  How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives.  To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it."
 - Judy Blume, Tiger Eyes

Looking at the conception of FEAR for the past years of my life, I've noticed that although it has stirred up and swirled into our lives since we were born in a 'Widdershins' Spiral pattern from the outside circle going inwards, those fears have built up over the years and nearly hit the Core Center of it some years back when it came to surface from the Unconscious.

Like being at the 'Core' of the Earth, it was like a fire-hot orange ball, imbued with anger and depression and sadness and self-defeat, the Fire-In-the-Soul awaiting to explode.  I had come to a point of my life where I wasn't going to give up.

But I had also been aware certainly of this powerful energy that had built up inside the womb.  I traveled a nasty Journey into the Underworld for about a year, when the Universe and I came in Balance finally -- and slowly, my Core Being began releasing all this tension and such that I had.

It took turn and the Spiral pattern began to once again traveling 'Deosil', spiraling outwards, waving good-bye to my anger, freeing from my depression, putting on a happy-face, giving me the courage and strength in finally surfacing my pains.

I let them go.  I released with LOVE instead of exploding.   And the Sun shone brightly in the Sky again for me!

I have continued, since then, in making Connections and Balancing my Self out with the Universe.  I have understood that Fear is there in helping to aide us and challenging us with how we choose to live our lives.  And like Judy Blume quoted above, how we handle our Selves is where our lives determine us in heading.

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beyond Definition That Comes From the Soul

  I found it very intriguing as I came across a wonderful older archive article of Lisa Rough's "Sacred Circle:  awakening the wild women through tribe-building and creative mojo" this morning.  She told the story about your connections with that certain Gorilla at the Zoo, going beyond the means of what their usual habitats and perceptions are and inviting your Soul to just be in reaching out to that particular one through the heart of your very being.  "It was simply about being deeply present with them in those moments, and even more than that, I was deeply connected to myself as well, drawn inward by my authentic desire to be with them on a level that stretched beyond snapping pictures and laughing at their human-like ways ("

Many years back in my earlier studies, I had come across a lovely ritual by Phyllis Curott on something to the extent of seeing something in life "not by dictionary definition of what it actually is", but sitting with that object/subject and 'feeling and listening' to what it has to share and tell you about itself.  Her focus was doing this with a TREE, not looking at it and saying, "Well, it's an Oak and it has deep roots and can live many years and bears Acorns and its leaves turn colours in the Fall" -- but as I leaned against the Oak itself, it taught me how to stand my ground firmly with two feet on the ground, it gave me strength throughout the day, and showed me that I, too, could branch out towards the Sky and become One with my Higher Self in time with courage and healthy humility.

"That’s my intention"  Lisa quoted, " be present from the inside out, with whatever is in front of me in any particular moment.  But how many times do we get misplaced by our desire to be present because we’re looking outside of ourselves for the confirmation that we’re actually there?"

My 'Intentions' throughout my Daily Life's Path has deepened since this time I used to spend with the Oaks on our land where I live -- and reading your older article today has reminded me once again in expanding that growth within me again and being able to feel what is going on in that 'particular moment' brings me back home again to my Self...

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bumblebee Sends Me A Warning of Dogs Nearby While Gathering Multiflora Petals.....

I was minding my own business while trying to gather a cupful of Rosa Multiflora petals and heard a buzzing Bumblebee swarming around the sweet-smelling flowers. I found my camera and tried taking a photo of it and lost it. 

Moments later after not seeing the Bumblebee, I wondered where it had disappeared to so fast. Not thinking, I started once again plucking petals into my measuring cup, and went to turn around -- and eight little legs on two dogs came slowly trotting towards me, their funny pudgy homely-looking faces growling at me as they jumped and moved closer.

I tried not showing fear, but edged myself away from the woods onto the driveway and told them to go back home (they were someone's dogs, had collars with name tags on them) -- and I don't run fast, so didn't really feel like being chased by them.

I think I was more afraid that they'd follow me back home, because I had our Bella girl out on her chain in the backyard waiting for me, and she's in 'heat' -- and didn't need that fiasco this afternoon; have enough with our pup Ollie going around following her all day long!

The dogs had only took a stance closer, then finally turned and went the other way back into the woods -- and I got home safe. So I continued my harvesting in our backyard bushes by the White Pines.

Wanting to lay them out somewhere to rid of the bugs before making a 'Honey Infusion' with them -- I once again forgot to bring up some old screening to lay them to dry on. And of course, the wind picked up just the slightest bit outside, so made a covering on them. And day keeps wanting to look like rain, so Sun is going in and out of clouds, and felt a drop earlier as well.

Anyhoo, I think the bugs have parted and I'm going to bring them in to make my concoction!

What are others harvesting at this time of the season?

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One of my Most Valued & Loved Trees: The Majestic and Sacred OAK

Majestic and Sacred is the Oak Tree
  ~A summary of the lore, legends, and historical uses of the oak tree. A
truly magickal tree with many known uses and some secret uses mixed in

Uses of the Oak and Acorn
The magic and wisdom of the oak tree

The Oak tree is tied with culture and magic back to the beginning of
mankind. Tall and majestic is the tree, hard is the wood of the oak,
and acorns provide sustenance. These are reasons the oak has become a
very important tree across many lands. This article provides some
insight and lore about the ancient oak.

Many cultures come to revere the oak tree as a magickal tree, potent
and full of energy. Because early man derived many resources from the
tree, acorns for food, wood for fire, and in some cases even the trunk
for shelter; there has been a long relationship between man and the

Native American children used to play "tree tag" where touching a tree
provided the person safety. Traditionally this safety tree was the oak
tree. Many Native Americans viewed the oak tree as a symbol of strength
with many supernatural powers. In fact, the tradition of "knocking on
wood" is said to be of Native American origin in order to avert the
failing of a boast or hopeful prediction. The tradition believes that
it is bad luck to boast, claim victory, or predict bounty; in today's
culture we would consider it to "jinx" a situation and therefore knock
on wood to avert the failing.

Because of the tendency for the oak tree to be struck by lightening
many cultures related the tree to the gods of the sky. Native Americans
related it to the sky god, Nordics related the tree to Thor, and the
Greeks related the tree to Zeus. Hercules is often depicted carrying a
club, staff, or wand made of oak. And to him the tree was sacred
because of its tendency to attract lightening.

A tradition that may date back to the times of the Celts and the Druids
is the ashes from oak wood fires were deemed to be magical. These ashes
were said to protect the bearer from lightening and fire. Burning the
leaves of the oak will purify the atmosphere, and alternative to some
incenses used today. Some used the ashes as magically talismans and in
spell weaving for good health and longevity.

Oak groves were very sacred to the Druids and Celts in kind. Druid
legend says that embracing the tree within a sacred grove can provide
answers to question previously left void. Serpent eggs, the odd growth
bulbs of oak trees were used in magickal charms. Wands of potent magic
were made of the oak.

As a method of divination the druids would listen to the wrens in the
oak trees or the rustling of the oak leaves for messages and whispers
of things to come.

Druids taught that using oak with spell magic would assure success.
Druids also focused a marriage ceremony around the tree to assure a
long and sustained union, based on the oak trees symbiotic relations
ship with mistletoe. Oak being of the male God, and mistletoe being of
the female Goddess, it symbolizes the eternal union of both.

Druids also taught that during the time of Yule all fires were
extinguished. Then the Yule log made of oak wood was set ablaze to
start the year anew. And people of the area would start their fires
from this source.

Acorn was a base in magicks used to assure fertility, being a symbol of
the seed. And such, because the acorn also represents immortality,
there is a strong association and using the acorn during the sabbet of
Samhain. Part of the decorations, eating the acorn, and centering the
ritual upon the acorn is such uses.

Because the oak is of the polarity of the male qualities, it is an
excellent source for making magickal tools like athames, staffs, and
specific wands. Magickal properties of the oak include longevity,
stamina, prosperity, presence, will, and liberation.

Gypsy tradition tends to hold the same truths about oak, as did the
Druids. The oak groves are sacred and spell weaving in a grove assured
success of that spell. In these same groves it was possible to commune
with the fairy realm, for the oak is home to many a Fae. Many warriors
used oak as a protective talisman, as their armor was "padded" with oak
not only for the strength of the wood, but because the wood is
magickal. Wonderful gypsy traditions include a child's game during the
fall to catch the falling leaves of the oak; each one that is caught
assures a surprise during the winter moons. Plant an acorn during the
waxing moon and it is said to draw gold to you.

Other lore, legends, and uses of the Oak include:

Tradition says that acorns are gathered by the light of the day, while
the wood and leaves are harvested during the light of the moon. Pour
fertilizer, water, crystals, or wine on the roots to thanks the tree
for their sacrifice.

Acorns should be placed in the window to ward evil. Also acorns hung in
the window from the sill are said to bring prosperity and luck to the

A handful of oak leaves in a bath will cleanse the water, allowing rejuvenation of body and spirit.

White oak bark teas can break up congestion. Acorns are said to treat
constipation. Teas made for the oak bark in general are said to provide
relief for hemorrhoids.

Oak wood fires are said to draw off illness and disease.

Some old scripts purport of a charm made of three acorns, the casters
hair, bound and tied, blessed under a new moon and a full moon, for a
full year, will provide a charm to last a lifetime.

Nordic and other legends also say that the Oak tree is the gateway to the three worlds of the Shaman.

Wearing an oak leaf on the chest next to the heart is said to protect the wearer from lies and deceit.

Other deities that are considered related to this tree are: Herne,
Wodin, Perkunas, Jupiter, Cybele, Rhea, Pan, Erato, Hecate, Dianus,
Janus, and Brighid. The oak is the tree of Dagda, Chief of the Elder
Irish Gods.

Legend says that King Arthurs Round Table was made from a Giant Oak Tree.

So remember the Mighty and Majestic Oak the next time you prepare a
spell, ritual, or focused meditation. The tree has much to offer as we
make our journey in this realm.

Found and Posted by:  )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds
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