Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back 3 Years At My SELF... How *Indigenous*

Written by: Shamanic Winds © 2010
Composed and Updated on: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Introduction About Me ~ Shamanic Winds' Musings & My Studies Through "Animá"

Blessings, everyone, who comes here!!! I am Shamanic Winds.
I just thought I'd introduce myself -- I am an Practicing Eclectic
Solitary Native Celtic Shaman Witch. I research, study, experience, and
practice in all of these fields of the Craft, and have done so now for
over the past 12 years of my life, my major research done in Native
American and Core Shamanism for the past few years on the web.
Many years back in my studies, I used to buy almost every issue of Sage Woman
magazine, and had run into a Wild Woman girl who posted articles in it that really
interested me. Later over a year ago when we first gotten our computers, I found her
website and found it much of an interest in
what I would love learning more about on my Path.

It's based on the concept of 'Anima' -- which on
their site, they discover, teach, and share many experiences with
others who go on retreats and take courses, and have a website packed
full of many lovely articles, blogs, and their sharings of experiences
in their lives.

For me on my many Journeys I have taken down the roads on my Path and
have run into many 'forks in the roads' -- which I refer to as the Crossroads
-- began last year in the beginning of May. I was truly into Witchcraft
and learning as much as I possibly could from the Old Religion, the Old
Ways, and the Ancient Ones -- and out of the blue, I was sitting at my
fiance's computer by our back window that overlooks the small woods
behind our apartment building. I did no ritual, no spell, just sat here
in his chair looking out the window in simple contemplation, went into
a Natural meditation, and just 'listened'. I was non-judgmental; I did not analyze
my thoughts...I just breathed in what the Divine had to share with me.

And this time, it was not that of my Patron Celtic Goddess, Brigid's,
words that I heard. It was that of the Great Spirit, calling me 'Home'.
The thoughts of the old arrow-shaped stone my mom and I once found in
the woods where I used to play during my entire childhood kept haunting
me. This place was in the way back woods, a mile or so away from my
parents' home and away from civilization, in Nature -- my favorite
place to either go by myself or play with my friends without any adults
around to watch over and guide us. In my mind, I kept seeing the
hallowed-out hill that we used to play on, in which we called it our 'Throne'.

This eventually led me back to when I once read in some of my
Witchcraft studies about learning about the place that you lived at,
its location, who and what passed through the lands there in
history...many like to read and learn and practice other cultural Pantheons -- which I still
love the Celtic lores, spiritualities, and mythologies as well as
incorporating some of their ancient practices when I experience my Path
-- but my suggestions, and others I have discreetly read between the
lines from articles, postings, journals, etc. say to start with
learning as much as you can about where you are at in your own
environment at this time.

This makes simple sense to me, I mean, it's like when you begin
learning and exploring about a new spirituality -- like I had in
Witchcraft at one time, and still am: learn and know and love yourself
before others; learn and acknowledge where the lands you live on before
exploring other places where you have less connection than that of on
where you live and what spirits reside in and around it!

So as I listened, the song of Brooke Medicine Eagle's also hit home. It is
called "Spirit of the Wind Carry Me Home to Myself" -- The Winds of Change,
the Spirit of the Wind, in the Native American spirituality, were calling me to embark on a Vision Quest
at home. My home, in the woods, where I grew up and played on, and have
many memories of my entire life there -- and also, where I remember,
that as a child I had always felt in connection with the Native
American Indians, though I do not know my true ancestry, I had always
had a close relation to the Earth like they had -- and it threw me for
a loop somewhat, since many of my studies had been that of in
Witchcraft, then something new had come my way on my Path. I had a new
mission to take.

And it wasn't that of a Witch, like at one time, I had thought. A Witch was only
a label one or others put on themselves. One doesn't become a Witch by reading about it;
one IS a Witch by living their life as themselves. Who they are. What they learn
through the many experiences in life of trials and errors, challenges
and consequences faced truthfully. Just as one isn't a Native American
just because they research about it; they are born into whom they are.
And as with any religious cultural spiritual teachings, just because we
are of one thing does not make us that one thing because we are born
into it. We are our own individual beings, special, unique, and only
when one is aware of what they expect of themselves to be the best
person they can possibly be without judgment of others, without having
to prove themselves to others, and without feeling unhealthy humility,
do we become what we are meant to be. The Soul of our 'Self'.

I still have to do this Vision Quest I was called upon, even though now
I am back in my Witchcraft studies -- but after finding this Animá site
and reading into it, it is going to become a part of my studies as well
as blending my Native American, Celtic, Witchcraft, and Core Shamanism
practices into, learning from what they teach and how I can apply it to
my own learnings at 'Home'

on the Indigenous Land in the Woods that I live on and what I can
prepare for myself in the future for what I want to do as I experience
the lifetime commitment I have made for myself on my Path -- and learn
the Mysteries of the Divine Spirits of all cultures and natures around
and within me.

I am also researching extensively on Herbs, Wildcrafting, and anything
and everything on Green Witchery also, mostly from Susun Weed's site
and many other informative offerings on the web.

I will be logging here some of my
Daily experiences from what I learn from my current experiences and practices, and
from Animá when inspired. Blessings!

)O( Shamanic Winds xoxo

Animá: n. (an-i-mah)

1) [Latin] Breath, Spirit, Courage; the “collective conscious”; the vital force connecting, enlivening and animating all things.

2) A contemporary, nature informed Lifeways and Herbal School,
correspondence course, practice and way of life... helping to deepen
awareness, authenticity, self-knowledge, sense of place,
response-ability, sense of purpose, integrity, sentience and bliss.

3) A wilderness Learning Center, Retreat Center, Women’s
Sanctuary, Botanical and Wildlife Refuge, and ancient “Place of Power”
– located in a remote river canyon in the enchanted mountains of S.W.
New Mexico.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keeping the Candle Burning After One Year ...

HAPPY 1st YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my Husband, Dan, this morning!!!

"May we continue down our Path together in Love, Laughter, and Light, 

remembering what we've done and accomplished over this past year of Marriage --
and setting our feet firmly on the ground to walk side-by-side as we
continue weaving through the fun and complications and joys and struggles of life.

"If we hold one another's hand along the way, moving through life's various
challenges and continue doing our best in getting things done as best as we can now --
we shall look back on these days in our future and know that we worked together
in doing what we had to and could do to meet our goals and dreams .....

"And see that the reality of it all is always here within our reach to grasp firmly, holding on to our Selves and each Other ... all we have to know is what's in our very hearts that we share as we walk down that Path with one another ... side-by-side ... not letting go ...
knowing there are many more Journeys along the way we shall travel with each other."

I ♥ You. With all my Heart, Body, Mind, & Soul.
Forever Infinite xxoo,
Your Wife

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Remembering to LISTEN Through My Geode Stone's Medicine

I learned to really LISTEN one time when my fiance husband and I were at our local Native American store.....

I was in search for a special stone, ran my fingers over them, felt for energies reaching out to me, meditating on each one of them — and nothing came to me; absolutely NOTHING.

I left the store feeling somewhat deflated that not even one of the many had called out to me, but I did not hold a grudge against it. It just not had been meant to be at that moment.

It was a mostly cloudy day, the Sun was behind the clouds and kind of cool, but we took a walk down to Central Park in town from the store, and we visited the lake where on the shore there were usually Geese eating and where on the water people in canoes usually went down — but there were not any at all that day. Mostly kids and their parents playing on the play construction there.

I took a swing on the swings and got a natural high on life, but even that did not appeal to me at that moment for some reason. So I got off and we walked across the grass towards the bridge that led over a stream of water to the lake where the old baseball field and some trees and hills filled the land.

Me having shorter legs than my fiance husband, I trudged forward taking quick steps to catch up with him, and nearly tripped as he taunted me to catch up. Instead of moving onward, I looked back to see no hole where I had tripped. I stopped and walked back over my prior footsteps, knowing it was SOMETHING I tripped over, since the grass was dry and was not really bumpy in that area. 

I saw an ugly stone sitting by itself where I had been at when I tripped. I reached down and picked it up, thinking I could use it to throw in the water under the bridge for a wish. But as I turned it over, I noticed that it was a Geode! There was a small opening in it revealing its lovely little crystals inside. I was ecstatic and almost kissed it for tripping me!

What a find.

I ran to catch up with my fiance husband to show him what I had found, and looking back at where it had been on the ground, I gave a silent THANK YOU in return. Then an amazing thing happened. As I looked up at the sky, the clouds had cleared their way from the Sun, and it shone down brightly upon us.

My message I received had been made clear to me. Sometimes one has to wait and just be patient for something they may really want and can not or do not have it — like those stones that had not reached out to me, I had went out the store empty-handed to find exactly what the Universe had in store for me to learn that day.

And my Gift of giving back what lesson I had received from the beautiful Geode.
I smiled, acted in accord, and we went on with our day together.

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

(Post originally written at The Sidhe Seed in the 'Comments' Section under an article by Cynthia Cano.)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Coming Home to My 'Self' with Mama Crow's Writings

Whenever I read the lovely writings from the "Mother" -- I always am intrigued and inspired in Coming Home to My 'Self' with my dear friend, Mama Crow.

once again through the Mother.....Through the Mother, encircled through Mama Crow, and imbued in her little Bear Cub, let's all be here and now, and come Home LoVe

BLESSings xo,
   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

Saturday, 09 March 2013
I am a Myst seeker, I have traveled many roads and many eons of seeking and here I am yet again still searching. What do I seek you ask "why everything in the Universe, the hidden realms, the places of the between things, the lowest things of the dark places of realms to the highest light beings." I am a Seeker though some call me crazy, come call me wicked but those that know me call me love. And today I am lewrning to like this Elders path for it shall show me wonders if I but open my eyes to see.
blessings upon you my Sisters. ♥

Sunday, 10 March 2013
To long was I was made an outlaw of dark evil, daughters pleased am I that you have sought me out. Blessed are my children for they have found the truth and we are once again in the light.
No more shall we fear but stand up and be accounted for.

I am She who breathed out the star dust and birthed the Universe.
I have been here since the creation of all things,
before Stonehenge was built,
re the great pyramids was built,
before the Earth was created.

I am the great Mother
I am the darkness
I am the light
I am the Destroyer
I am the Healer

I am the giver of life
I am the giver of death

I have been with you since your beginning
and I will be with you at your ending
to catch you up and bring you home.

I am your Goddess
I am your Mother
I am the All of everything!

Sunday, 24 March 2013
There are times we all feel our faith unraveling, yet does the Creator Mother stop loving us? The answer is no because she knows our hearts are pure and loving even in the times of doubts and wavering in the walking of our pathways. Female to female she who birthed the Universe knows how we feel. And then we ask why all the horrible things going on in the world and she lets us know its a choice we have when born. We have two paths to choose from, a road of peace, love, kindness and compassion, the other one hate, violence and evil against all living things. Yes the violence and evil brings tears to her eyes and she shields her children best she can. But in the birthing she knew she would have to let us walk our own life journey.

Oh children I do weep for you, yet the road you must choose.
Show honor and goodness, mercy and love for all.
Walk with your heart and eyes open, finding the hidden things.
You are strong and brave, never giving up or accepting defeat.
My daughters, one day things will make sense and you will find joy.

I am the Life Giver
I am the Creator Goddess
I am the Womb of the Universe

I am love, I am peace and I am your Mother!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
The maiden walked into the woods a smile upon her face,
laughing with the joy of feeling alive in this sacred place.

The Mother large with child, oh her eyes held the joy of love,
lay down beneath the willow tree and gave birth to a blessed Son.

The old Crone walk with feeble steps into that dark wood night,
the end was near but she wasnt afraid the end was just new life.

Maiden, Mother and the old Crone too have a special bond,
yes they are all connected all different yet only one.

When your out in the wild green woods and you hear a laughing sound,
it might just be the three of them as they dance the circle round.

Yes Maiden, Mother and the old Crone too,
each have a gift and blessing for you.

So always heed their sacred call,
as the wheel turns it affects us all.

Sing praises to the young Maiden fair,
the Mother who holds her baby near,
and the old Crone full of wisdom and grace.

Blessed be the triple Goddess of land and Air and Sea.

THANK YOU *Gratitude* for this dear FernLily/Mama Crow.  A most Sacred Place here where I can save your writings and read them when needed!

*Feel free to share, but ALWAYS give CREDIT to the author of her own written work!!! xo.*

Sunday, 21 April 2013

This afternoon I let my emotions and pain seep up again into my heart. It was hard and for a little while I wallowed in my misery crying and was just flat out misrable. Oh I thought about casting a spell on those that hurt me so badly and believe me it was a fight not to. But all of a sudden I got calm and it was as if the Ancient Mother said, "why do you let this keep bothering you and why would you use a gift I gave you to cast a spell on them"? And then I had to sit and look deeply into my heart and soul for answers, I had to ask myself, "did I start down this path out of revenge and hate"? So as I looked inside my answer was "NO" because this is not about anything but who I am. This path is as natural as breathing to me, summoning up energy and magick is like something I have dome many lifetimes. This is not even about a path but more of just who I am, a wild woman of the Earth. I sometimes forget who I have always been but tonight the Ancient Mother reminded me.

Blessed be the great Mother!

My problem is I have become stagnated in a rut of nothingness and dont do anything much except watch TV or get online (except for cleaning etc) I have no focus and so there I sit letting past become my present. I am done with that I want this minute and this hour to be used for expanding my knowledge and my soul. Yes sometimes it takes us a long time to discover what the Ancient Mother has always known. Once you are chosen she will not abandon you and will always guide you back to where you need to be. How differently I feel now than a few hours agao as I sat in my pity party.

How blessed am I to be a daughter of the Ancient Mother
How blessed am I to have you all for Sisters ♥
How blessed am I to be out of the closet :)

Yep life is good, the Goddess is back where she belongs in the open not a shadowy place and as always magick is all around us. So that is my new focus, each day a time of counting my blessings, taking time to commune with the Mother and study something each day.