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Lessons In Witchcraft: "So You Want To Be A Witch!" ~ Some Frequently Asked Questions about Witchcraft in General

Lessons In Witchcraft: "So You Want To Be A Witch!"
~By )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Witchcraft in General
There are probably many questions that you have in general when just starting on the Path towards learning Witchcraft -- especially if you have not read anything before about this Earth-based spirituality we commonly know as Paganism. Just by one category, such as the term "Witchcraft", when we research about it many other sub-categories of questions and terms will come about, and we'd end up asking questions upon questions -- ending up having pretty much a Volume of text alone after taking notes on Witchcraft!

So here we are going to explore just some of the questions frequently asked by newcomers to Witchcraft what it is -- and then you will have to begin exploring on your own in researching the different questions you may have so that you can add them to your Book of Shadows and begin defining the terms yourself. I say this because as you begin researching about Witchcraft, you will notice that different people have different outlooks on what they believe from their practices and experiences from Witchcraft what it means to them -- and as we all know, not everyone thinks or takes actions that are alike.

We are our own special, unique, individual human beings and are responsible for how we act and what we do in our own lives. Therefore, with this said, we must learn on our own so that it makes sense to us as we research on our own and that we have began a path on our own in which we want to continue following in learning about what we feel comfortable with in our own boundaries and can explore our journey as we walk down the path we set for ourselves.

Here are some general questions commonly asked when one first starts their studies of Witchcraft -- they are not set in stone, for there are many other questions one may ask, but this is a beginning in your research and learning.

Questions Frequently Asked: You can begin with this list (the underlined questions) and add it to your Book of Shadows, or a Journal. As you research each of these questions, be sure to take notes on them, your inputs on how you feel about the answers you find, and mark other terms and such with a question mark if you want to research that term later on.

Below are also some of my 'basic replies' -- but to each her/his own. It is here for an example.

The Questions

What is a Witch?
A "Witch" is what we commonly identify ourselves when practicing and exploring the Earth-based spirituality of Witchcraft. A Witch is an everday, ordinary person with his/her own special inner powers. A Witch knows what she/he needs to do in respect for her/him self in order to become a better person. A Witch is one who loves unconditionally everything that is around him/her. A Witch finds the Sacred in everything. A Witch is responsible for his/her own actions and pays the consequences in which they may occur in their lives. A Witch is a reflection of the Divine, the Goddess, and sees her/him self as obtaining aspects of the Divine within him/her self. A Witch works to manifest dreams in her/his life into reality. What is Witchcraft? In simple terms, Witchcraft is an ancient religion of the Old Ways that was once a way of living for the ancient peoples of their time in history. Witchcraft is based on acknowledgment of Nature and all that walked upon the Earth. Witchcraft revolves around the Elements that Nature provides for us (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). Witchcraft is formed within Spirit (also known to some as Akasha), which are all the Elements combined in the formation of a Higher Power or Higher Self. Witchcraft is an understanding of Knowing Thyself first, changing consciousness at will, manifesting desires of the practitioner, and being able to send those intentions out into the Universe through one's own personal powers combining with the Energies all around and within ourselves in order for our dreams to manifest into realities.

Do you pray?
Yes, Witches pray, for every Thought-form is a prayer. Who do you pray to?Witches may choose to pray to anything one tends to desire, which for most is one of a Higher Intelligence, a Higher Power, the Divine, the Gods, the Goddess and the God, the Creator. Prayer in Witchcraft is tended towards the communications of that in which he or she tends to commune between that of Spirit. It is prayer between the individual and that in whom he or she wants to pray to.

Are you Satanists?
NO, Witches are not Satanists -- Santanists are in a whole different category of their own religion/spirituality. Though many Christians tend to think of Witches as Satanists, we are not -- for Witches commune with that of an Earth-based spirituality/religion, they are in tune with all of what is around them and within them, and that of Spirit. Modern Witches tend to follow the "Harm None" statement -- but they also know that "One who cannot Hex, cannot Heal". A Witch stays within the limits of their own formations of their capacibilities within their own Will and not the Will of another or a Higher Intelligence.

What about evil?
Evil is something that will always have effect on others in the world, but Witches are not evil. Witches are bards, seers, healers, herbalists, doctors, lawyers, everyday human beings in the world in conformity in sharing peace, harmony, love, prosperity, abundance, etc. -- within and around themselves, others, and the world around them. What are your ethics/morals?Ethics and morals are different for each individual. One learns and respects that of which in Nature gives to us and in turn what we give back to Nature. A Witch acknowledges the good in all, and responds in the best way they can to better things for all whom walk upon the Earth. He or she may also takes responsibilities for themselves and the land they live on to help make it a better place. A Witch knows most importantly what is best for themselves so that they can share and communicate with others in the actions they take. Each of us are responsible for our own actions, therefore (and some think of it as Karma) what goes out in the Universe must come back, though since Energies are constantly moving and never stay in one place, received Energies coming back to us may be positive or negative in action. Our goals are in working in balance and harmony with these reactions, acknowledging both the Dark and Light, and accepting the Shadows of Consequences we must face with the good of all, and incoporating love in order of bringing Karma in balance with ourselves.

Do you do animal/human sacrifices?
No, Witches do NOT perform any kind of Animal or Human Sacrifices -- though if you read stories and mythologies from Ancient Texts, many of these were performed amongst the peoples of certain cultures in their place of history back in time. Animal Sacrifices were made as a way of living for these peoples who roamed and lived upon the Earth during, for example, the what was called the "Hunting and Gathering" time; Animals were sacrificed in 'giving up their lives' in order for the peoples to eat and live. These ancient peoples would also sacrifice the animals as 'Offerings to their Gods' as a renewal of abundance of these animals to later be received as a 'gift' from their Gods in order to have 'plenty -- food' to survive on. Human Sacrifices back in time were of those, for example, who were Kings in their countries; in order for them to come into order, they were thought of like Gods, ones who must live by the orders of the land, their communities, their peoples, and if they had not followed the laws in which were given to them in this manner, they were sacrificed to the Gods and killed so that the next King would come in place as a gift from the Gods to rule his country in the way that the Gods did.

History has brought us to the modern day of age in Witchcraft where in which we stand now do not believe in animal or human sacrifice -- but we do have our own views of sacrifice, some in which are Shamans who sacrifice their entire lives to healing illnesses and such in their cultural communities, as a Witch may sacrifice his or her past experiences in life to learn the ways of bettering themselves in the world. Sacrifice is doing what we can for the love of giving something of yourself back to yourself, others, and the Earth.

Do you have gurus, leaders, priests, masters?
Being an Earth-based spirituality, there is no Dogma or One in Charge, so to say. We do not have a  'God' looking down upon us telling us we have sinned for just being born. Witches are at stake for their own Will, therefore, we think for ourselves, take responsibilities for ourselves, learn how to create our own destinies. We do what we can for ourselves in the actions we take, not of that which somebody else tells us what to do.

What do you think happens after death?
Some Witches believe in Reincarnation, an Afterlife, the Otherworld -- basically where one goes when they leave the Earth in transformation and transition into a new soul. As in the Nature of the Circle of Life, one may also look at it simply as Rebirth, being Alive, Transformation, Changes throughout life, Death, Rest, and being reborn into another soul once again. Do you believe in heaven and hell?My beliefs lie not in the Christian terms of "Heaven" or "Hell" -- but the Pagan beliefs of the Otherworlds: there is an Upper Realm, an Earthly Realm, and a Lower Realm -- each in which one goes through stages of Inititation to move throughout the Otherworlds in a set of Archetypal Deaths and Rebirth.

What is your magic?
Magick comes from 'within'. Keyed with the "k" at the end of the word Magic as a term to define that of a Witches' energies are taken and transformed into a manifestation of intention at the will of consciousness, whereas some who see the spelling of 'Magic' as an illusional form of magic, that of like in which a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat. A Witch's Magick is seen within everything -- for the Divine is Sacred, and is not 'just in' everything, but the Divine 'IS' everything. The magick of the energies in everything helps one to commune with all that is sacred, and on that level, Witches use their inner powers in seeing the magick in all, whether animate or inanimate objects. Does it work?Magick, I believe, yes it works. In order for it to work, though, the individual must be aware, alert, and focused on the true intentions of any goals or actions they want to manifest into reality. Without this, magick is empty. How?Not all Witches may choose to perform magick, but magick is basically a part of a person's everyday life. One may choose to work magick by experiencing and performing meditaions, spells, rituals, connections and communications with their God(s), listening and learning about all that is around and within them...on a basic level, a Witch works her Craft of Magick from with that within him or herself. For example, if one wants to bring prosperity into their lives, they do not just stand there and wait for money to grow on trees. A Witch acts in accord to her desires and needs of wanting more prosperity in his or her life by setting goals, having a focused intention of what she or he wants, visualizing this money coming towards them in reality, feeling that they have the desires to accomplish bringing prosperity to themselves by using all of the senses one has, envisioning this happening -- and then going out and acting in accord: filling out applications for a job, meeting the manager for an interview, not putting all one's eggs into one basket and doing all one can to bring their focuses of prosperity into reality. A Witch sets possible goals in which he or she works at in attaining them for him or herself.

Do you do Black Magic?
In terms of modern day society Witches, we do not do Black Magic. Black Magic, in my senses, goes back to when Witches performed Ceremonial Rituals, but I have not read much about Black Magic. For me, I stick with the thumb rule "Do not harm oneself, as well as not harming others". I expect to treat others like I would want to be respected, therefore, in this respect, Witches who also think this do not perform Black Magic.

Do you cast spells?
In the most respect of Witches, yes, they cast spells. They may cast spells to bring prosperity, abundance, love, health, joy, etc. in their lives -- but it is not necessary for a Witch to cast spells if he or she does not want to. But for the most part, Witches cast spells to bring their intentions into manifestation, into reality -- yet some things we bring to ourselves is not always done by casting, depending on how we look at the situation at hand and choose from our own ethics and morals on what way is best suited for us to bring us these things into our own lives.

How do you worship?
In my own personal opinion, I do not think of 'Worship' as the proper term coined in doing what we believe; though, I do see it in Witchcraft if one considers the Craft as a 'Religion', as opposed to living Witchcraft as a 'Way of Life'. Witches honor Nature and learn through its teachings. Witches honor themselves with love, respect, and responsibility in all their actions, thoughts, and emotions. Many honor their Gods, goddesses and gods, the Divine, Spirit, Creator. We celebrate the Wheel of the Year, acknowledging the seasons and celebrations of that in which we believe and are following. We accept life, death, and rebirth as natural in the world. We have fun by singing, chanting, dancing, and many other things when communing with that of Higher Intelligence. We strive to work towards healing ourselves, others, and in Earth. We give Offerings to that in which we received something from. We are human, unique individuals, we are creative and take pride in all we do to better the lives we live. What are your holidays?Depending upon the Tradition, Cultural Tradition, or one's own preferences in the holidays, the basic traditions from that around the world on the Wheel of the Year are those of the Eight Sabbats and the Four Esbats. What do you do then?The Sabbats are celebrated with the seasons of the year, each person celebrates them in different manners. As with the Esbats, the four Moon phases are honored, the New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, Waning/Dark Moon.

How many of you are there?
As more and more people break away from the ties of Christianity, there are many of those now seeking in finding their own spiritualities throughout the whole world. Many come to realize that there is "something more out there" and the Mysteries of the Ancient Religions draw many in finding out that the Goddess is still Alive and Afoot in the world today. Do you raise your children in this?Yes, in fact many followers of Witchcraft are teaching their children their way of life, yet are still open to their children when they grow up to grow more themselves by searching what spiritualities are right for them. There are no binds to Witchcraft, for each is their own who seeks without rules.

How do you become a Witch?
To my belief, you don't just 'become' a Witch; if that is whom you are feeling you are, then you 'are' a Witch. Witch is just a title; what you do in your life is who you are, what you have done in the past to come who you are today, what actions you take today is what leads to whom you'll be in the future. You just ARE.

Where can I find out more?
You can find much more about Witchcraft and Witches by researching the web, joining groups, reading old texts of ancient histories, mythologies, stories, etc., communing with other like-minded people.....but the most important source where all this information that you read about and receive will come from 'Within' -- by communing with Spirit, Nature, and all of that around you, which in transformation, "Brings you back home to Yourself."


Written and Composed by: Indigenous Shamanic Winds (c)2009
Tuesday, 23 June 2009
Waxing Crescent Moon

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How We Come to Terms with 'Forgiving' and 'Forgetting'

~By Indigenous Shamanic Winds
 Date Composed:  Wednesday, 18 November 2009

When I came to knowing witchcraft, later in my studies I started doing self-journeying, going to my Place of Power, and it wasn't exactly the intentions I had in mind when visiting there. I posted a comment I'd written below in one of my other groups I had started on the web last year -- but whether we are new or an old hand, we often wonder about how we feel about 'forgiving' and 'forgetting' -- and I had all my life learned to forgive, but not forget, and my journey I had taken finally peaked and I learned what I had once faced long ago that didn't quite have an answer to why I found it so hard to 'forget'.

Here's my short story:
Talking about forgiving and forgeting, there's one thing I can never do is "forget"--only due for my case is that it reminds me of the situation, what I can do to change my thoughts about it, live and learn from it, try not to get myself in the same situations from it, and move on. But I can "forgive"-- and I have always done it for all of my life. What is the use of burdening yourself more over a situation and being angry all the time?

I did a lot of journeying to my Place of Power back when I first began practicing, and something came up on my journey where I saw a Shadow of my past--but it was not in shadow form, that's how I perceived it to being, the person was actually there looking like he had when he caused much pain in my life. He was actually afraid of me after I told him face-to-face that I could forgive him and nothing he ever could think or do to me again could ever hurt me, and he disappeared when a vision of a Goddess gave him the "evil" eye. It was amazing how I felt after that journey--but I cannot forget what happened, because if what he did to me comes up with a child I hear and know about in the future, I will be able to take my knowledge from that and be able to hopefully help the child in need.

The man was my birth mother's ex-husband of many years ago when I was seven, and let's just say that he was abusive towards women.

 ~)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Stinging Nettles Springing Up Delightfully -- WHOOO HOOO!!!

Baby Nettles Springing Up~Tops Dried for Herbal Infusion?

Last year, I finally found a place where Stinging Nettles were growing -- in the yard across the street from me at a deceased neighbor's yard which is not being
occupied and/or lived in at the moment. On my excursions these past few weeks, I found that last years Nettle seeds had spread delightfully, and now
Baby Nettles are beginning to shoot up everywhere!  I am taking Susun Weed's course over at The Wise Woman University called 'Nourishing Herbal Infusions - Drink Your Way to Health' (which anyone interested can sign up HERE at the bookshop!) -- and am soooo very excited after the past few years to finding this patch of Stinging Nettles to begin working with as a new Ally!

I am in the Lower Penninsula of Michigan (near Jim Mcdonald!) and it's early Spring here with lots of buds on trees as well as our Forsythia bushes 
flowering already. We've had Crocuses popped up, the Forget-Me-Nots starting to green on their leaves, and have one Daffodil opened -- along with the 
beginnings of some Poppies by our house!

One Herbal Practitioner commented that the use of Nettles could be harvested when they are yet still babies. I'm taking Susun's Herbal Nourishing In-
fusions course
, and was wondering...could I start harvesting these baby Nettle 'Tops' to dry and keep for storage for future Infusions -- or should I wait
until the Nettles have grown a little more and harvest their Leaves before it Flowers?

I had also came across somewhere about using the Nettles' Leaf Tops as babies with Garlic and Butter (I love to cook as well!). I'd be grateful for any
information containing the Harvesting of these sweet Baby Nettle Tops!

Stinging Nettle Tops Blessings!

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tracking Back Three Years In My Life.....

Back in April of 2009 on a site eons ago, one of my good friends had posted asking us to answer the following questions on our own:

"I am a Witch because I _______."

"I consider myself a Witch because I believe _______."

"I was taught Witchcraft by my Grandmother, and we carry on practices like _______."

In this exercise, you may not define yourself or your beliefs or practices by comparing them to or contrasting them with those of other paths. You may, however, mention whether you also follow another path, and tell us something about that as well.

This might be harder to do than you think!

So --- an ye be willing, come tell us about yourself, what you do, what you believe, what you hold dear, and how you see yourself as a Witch. :)

This had really made me think, ponder, and meditate upon such a reality that I had been feeling at that time in the moment about why I had come back to my studies in the Old Ways of Witchcraft. Eventually my thoughts and feelings became a reality of who I am today on my Path and where I learned being a Witch from (answered in the last question which I adapted) -- a question for us to ponder on: "Where did our ancestors of the Old beliefs learn of that which has been passed to us."

Below were my answers to the discussion questions asked:

"I am a Witch because I teach and share the Truths of what I know, practice with what Magick is available to me in the present time, and experience the past through the Mysteries that have already revealed themselves to me.

"I consider myself a Witch because I believe that when I was called upon by the presence of the Divine (Goddess, in my case) it is in my own will and right being committed in my path for a lifetime journey of working with my Craft and Gifts that the Gods have given me the talents and creativity to work in union with Them to create Self-healings and cleansings for myself so that I can love myself before carrying on my work and experiences and helping to take care of others in the world, the Earth, and in Nature itself.

"I was taught Witchcraft by the Moon, the God/dess, and Nature, and carry on practices like that in which I have learned from these aspects, which I consider to be 'real' and 'alive' -- and through the Energies that each of these pose in sending to me, I have created my own Craft as an Eclectic Solitary Witch, and have incorporated the Old Ways of Wisdom that I have researched and learned about from signs and symbols and animals and whispers in the wind, in my new Witchcraft today as an Intuitive, Self-taught Witch."

Where did our ancestors of the Old beliefs learn of that which has been passed to us?

Imagine yourself being the only human being on Earth when life began.Take a look all around you. Who else do you see? are there any other beings like you? what do you see around you? are there any trees? plants? herbs? flowers? creatures of another kind? What kind of land are you standing/sitting on? clay or soil? dirt or grass? rocks or stones? When did you come to the perception that what you have seen around you and what you are sitting/standing on were the Elements of the Earth? Where did the Air come from in the vastness of the open skies? where does the Water flow from in a stream, to a lake? an ocean? another body of water? Where did the water emerge from? The blazing Sun shares its warmth, heat, and dries out the foliage amongst the leaves and bushes. It feels like a burning Fire, and then is a burning fire amongst where you are sitting/standing. Why do you run for a cave in the darkness? How does this cave make you feel? like you are safe? like being back in your mother's womb? like you're protected? How do these visions and thoughts and feelings entering your mind effect you? Whom do you turn to for answers?

Whom do you turn to for answers? Well, if you are the only human being on the Earth, and you are surrounded by the land around you, with Creatures, Plants, Trees, Caves, Water, Stones, etc. and you have thoughts and feelings from these things, there must be some kind of Spirit inside each and every one of them in which by following your own intuition these answers to these Mysterious things emerge in the presence from your very Soul. Yet back when, the human did not have names for these objects and surroundings. The human did not know what a Spirit or his/her own Soul was. So something, somewhere, in connections in being surrounded by these things on the land that our Ancestors lived on communed with them, giving each its own name and definition and feelings and thoughts of who others were, what they did when they were alive, when they emerged with other human interactions, where they were at when this all happened, why they felt and thought the ways they did in that moment in time, and how they seeked out the Mysteries of the Unknown through communing not only with themselves, but the land around them and others whom lived on the lands with them.

In Nature.

So just as our Ancestors of the Old beliefs learned about what was all around them and feeling and vibrations within them, is how we today have learned from them what used to be, and is pretty much the same how we live our lives today from what has been passed down to us: Our being in Harmony and Communication with our 'Selves', others and other objects and creatures around us, and All That Is in our Environments and Cultures of and around the Sacred Earth.


Written and Composed by: Indigenous Shamanic Winds ©2010
Composed on: Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding Ourself 'Within'

Finding Ourselves 'Within':   A place where we seek and find guidance along the way through the interconnectedness within our own Spirit -- our Soul, the 'Fire In the Belly', our unconsciousness!!!

In the world today with everything going on with the environmental changes, our own changes within -- I find it's a good time to get to know our 'Selves' better on a personal basis, and to see how we can become the 'change' rather than letting other influences of that around us affect us to the point where we don't even know our 'Selves'.

Blessings )O(
~ Indigenous Shamanic Winds xoxo

Composed:  Friday, 21 May 2012

Seeking our own meanings for life can sometimes get caught up in the rapture of the daily events in which take place everyday. If we just take a few minutes to look within in Solitude -- whether it be on a cliff, next to a blazing bonfire, along side a running stream, in the middle of a forest, or even in the heart of our own home -- we can find what it is we are looking for a start a new journey in mending the fires in our bellies.

We all have passions and frequent desires -- what are some of yours? Put aside following what others speak of or share and find what it is with YOU that brings out the love you have in your heart. (Composed:  Thursday, 22 July 2012)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Drying Tree Branches for Future Projects!

Just got in from doing a little "one *unknown* Evergreen" and Juniper and White Pine shopping today -- all it cost me was a smidgin' of my time and a sack full of goodies from Nature's bounty -- and some amateur skills of 'Trimming'.

I'm thinking of 'Drying' these beauties by the Fireplace tonight...any suggestions or thoughts as to other ways any of you have explored? 

I know 'Hanging' them to dry would mean lots of Needles on the ground, unless I have something underneath to catch them with.

What are some of your favorite ways in this method of Drying Tree Branches?

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Being Without Monies Can Bring About Some Of the Biggest Accomplishments!

I've had both my up and down times, and have learned from those down times in improving my life as best I can. 

We all have the choice whether we want to live that way or not. For me, if I don't have the money for something, I may get down because of it, yes, but look at what I can do that can help me out of that situation. 

Like for this course I'd love taking from Joanna, or any of the many other courses I'd love to take -- I don't rule out what I cannot do: I can save money for it aside each week, even if it's a little at a time; I can use what skills I have and what materials I may have at hand, and try selling them; gather old things I don't use anymore and take them to a consignment store nearby.

If we want something bad enough in life, we must really sit down and think about the question: "How bad do I want this? Is this something that will help me down the road, or is it something I can adapt on my own without having to take the courses, knowing there's much info online and in books (at the library, if not my own)? How bad do I really want this?" 

Sometimes the things in life we want so bad we do get and when we get them, we later find out that it really wasn't meant to be for us. And many times, when we act in accord and make our accomplishment, we rejoice and are happy with all the challenges along the Journey in receiving it, and benefit from it in a positive way, rather than in an entangling one.

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Energies In the Winds of Change Are Shifting

"The winds of change.  We have heard this many times.  The winds dissipate energy or distribute energy.  How each chooses to use the energy is what makes the choice.  Once the wind releases the energy into the world there is a release.  Just as within our own beings, we must release before we can be receive.  If our hands are already full, we cannot pick up something new.  To restore balance in the world, to allow for new, something must be released.  That release is our prejudgments, our competitive natures, our lack of respect and honor for the sacred ground we walk upon, and our fears."

What a beautiful and inspiring excerpt by Carla Goddard in her article called, "A Fire Message ... A Call to the Collective".  Take one moment of your time on your Path and check out the rest of it at her site, Shaman Medicine Woman:  A Contemporary Perspective.  See for your SELF how you can find these lovely Energies within as well as without.

The Winds of Change Have Arrived and Are Here!!!

...and I am listening.

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not Ruling Out the Possibilities I Can Explore On My Own This Upcoming Spring!

" Today's the last day for the early bird price on my ecourse for Spring.  It starts Monday.  We'll be nature journaling, making art projects, finding a secret spot outside to observe the seasonal changes, studying Maiden Goddesses and Yes!  some Tarot play.  Join us?" 
     ~Joanna Powell Colbert, Gaian Tarot on Facebook

*Enrollment for class can be made by clicking on here at GAIAN SOUL SEASONAL PRACTICES FOR SPRING today for the Early Bird special!!!*

Anyone who does and can apply for this course, I am more than positive that you'll gain much knowledge and wisdom from this lovely lady and all those involved!

SIGN UP SOON! so you don't miss out on this wonderful offering and opportunity in aide of expanding your love for this.

I would love to take this course with but at the moment it's just not possible.  Though I am not ruling out any possibilities until I can find the funds!

Keeping her (Joanna's) words in mind of making room in my daily life for mindful creative expression, I shall seek out what Inspired my Creativeness through my Patron Celtic Goddess, Brigid, through Her many aspects of Creativity, and start indulging myself into anything that intrigues my Creativeness -- whether it be Art or Writing or Crafting...

Knowing my Body has already begun (though always is, just ever-changing with each day's patterns!) aligning with the "...rhythms of nature as we leap into the time of greening and blossoming,...", I shall start Meditating more outside with the Elements in Nature once again -- making Connections with the inspiring Air, the burning Fires, the calm flowing Waters, the Centering and Grounding of the Earth, and keeping an open-mind in receiving any messages from the very Souls of the Spiritual Divine.

It's been a very long time since I've made contact with the very Goddess(es) of the upcoming Season -- and I shall research and begin experiencing with them once again, finding and seeking out "the Maiden[s] of Spring" and start Dancing with Her/Them once again!

I have always found that if something is not affordable at the moment, the next best thing in experiencing what is being offered that one cannot take part in -- can participate by finding some basic and simple starting points (like her article in speaking of this course) and take notes from others as well, and incorporate them into one's own unique practices on their Pathway!

Love & Hugs of the Upcoming Spring Season,
   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo