Journeys w/Dedicated Shamanic Practitioner

"Journeying Lessons of the Dedicated Shamanic Practitioner".

In hopes that it works out to more of the advantage of those who want to begin or continue their practices in Shamanic Journeying, I'd like to open this up to you all who may come and read here.  I had searched the web high and low for something that would give me a start on my journey and had came across a site called School of North American Shamanism, which had an offering of sending through the email to those interested beginning basic journey information for those who want to learn more about Core Shamanism. So I have received all of the seven lessons they had sent out and thought it would be a great place for me to start as well as sharing it with others -- for in Shamanism Journeys, they are taken by the individual practitioner him or her self, and it is hard for those who are just beginning to understand some of the basic concepts of Core Shamanism if it is not laid out for them. I loved this basic outline from the email lessons I had received and thought it would be a good starting point to work off of -- since I myself need a guide in my own practices.

The way these lessons are laid out is basic, but for those whom are new and do not have an understanding for some of the words or thoughts or concepts hidden between the words in the lessons, it will give us all a chance to openly talk and discuss some of the phrases in the lessons that we may know about already or have questions or comments on.

I will be posting each of the lessons in the order they were sent, obviously, from Lesson 1 to Lesson 7 -- giving us the chance to research more on them, work with the journeys ourselves, and talk about them after we have done so -- in my Blogger here when time allows me to;)

I wish all a good journey and hope these lessons help clear up some of the questions to how a practitioner works and does her or his own journeys. Blessings to all, and may the first lesson go well for all of us here!

In Love and Light,
~ )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds~