Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keeping the Candle Burning After One Year ...

HAPPY 1st YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my Husband, Dan, this morning!!!

"May we continue down our Path together in Love, Laughter, and Light, 

remembering what we've done and accomplished over this past year of Marriage --
and setting our feet firmly on the ground to walk side-by-side as we
continue weaving through the fun and complications and joys and struggles of life.

"If we hold one another's hand along the way, moving through life's various
challenges and continue doing our best in getting things done as best as we can now --
we shall look back on these days in our future and know that we worked together
in doing what we had to and could do to meet our goals and dreams .....

"And see that the reality of it all is always here within our reach to grasp firmly, holding on to our Selves and each Other ... all we have to know is what's in our very hearts that we share as we walk down that Path with one another ... side-by-side ... not letting go ...
knowing there are many more Journeys along the way we shall travel with each other."

I ♥ You. With all my Heart, Body, Mind, & Soul.
Forever Infinite xxoo,
Your Wife

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds