Roots of Change/Spiritual Initiation

I've felt this feeling strong at one other time in my life when I had first went through many Spiritual changes -- and am now feeling it once again in present day life. 

At times I just don't know what is going on, so many different thoughts and feelings -- of both happiness and anguishment --  encircle me as if I have one foot in reality on the Earthly plane, and yet the other foot stepped into the doorway of the Magickal plane.

Like that of a Shaman.

I'm told by my Spiritual Guides once again that this is simply a form of Change -- Initiation, as one may say -- into the New Being of My 'Self' yet to come!

I came across a prose from Daidre Jimenez~ Founder and Administrator of A Positive Journey in Facebook that had clearly reminded me that when we come across times in our lives that just doesn't make any sense at all to us, the Universe is calling out to us in making new changes for our Selves -- a part that reminds me of a new 'Initiation' in our lives that transforms each time we are ready for the next step on our Spiritual Paths.

This is what Daidre wrote that inspired me this morning about what is now happening in my own life that just woke me up from the beating of the Earth once again:

There will be days, sometimes months or years, when life does not make sense to you. 

There may be times when you feel terribly afraid, awfully confused, or downright disgusted with yourself and/or your life.

This is perfectly normal! All of us who are now "big girls and boys" have been there and done that! 

There will also be times when you feel misunderstood and alone. Never dwell on these things.... Take time to listen to your heart, spend time with yourself. 

Avoid at all costs the temptation to place yourself in unhealthy, unproductive, and dishonorable situations just to avoid being alone with the depth of what you feel. 

The key is to know that no matter what else is going on in your life, you come first. 

You know what you need. 

If you have a good relationship with yourself, you will have all that you need to rise to any and every occasion. ♥ Daidre

May the Blessings and Peace
Be With Us During These New Beginnings 

   ~)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo