Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Medicine Bundle & I ~ Unscathed

Some tend to Sacred Space as being in a certain place at a certain time, with all the ambience flowing around them...
I love those spontaneous moments where Sacred Space can be anywhere a the unexpected times in our lives -- and especially outdoors, there's already all the 'natural ambience' all around and within me, I get lost in thoughts and create my own rituals without even knowing it at times -- 
and that's what makes me follow my own heart .
Being my own Self without having to prove anything to others.
Knowing what I love and being completely satisfied with things just the way they are.
I had been outside walking one of our dogs when something in the Air called me in finding some Medicine.  I gathered a few 'Trinkets' along the way and made my Sacred Space at a round table we have in our front yard -- since it was somewhat warm and sunny out, I could see what I was doing in the natural light there in that spot.
I wanted to open up the 'Burdock' burrs to have its Seeds in my Medicine.  Good thing I did, I found a few little white worms inside a few of them!  I don't know if they were living or not -- they were still and curled up half-way and not moving -- but I said a little prayer and flung them out into the grass.

I found an Oak Leaf that had fallen and blown in our yard from one of our surrounding Trees to put my Medicine Findings in on the table.  I carefully laid out some Evergreen Resin, Burrs and their Seeds, Rose Hips from our Rosa Multiflora bush, and some White Pine Needles.

It was at that 'spontaneous' moment, not really knowing what I was going to do with my Medicine Findings, that I decided on making myself a MEDICINE BUNDLE!

I excitedly went into the house to find some string to tie it together with, and in hopes that the dried out Oak Leaf wouldn't crumble as I did this.  I grabbed some scissors and went back out to my Sacred Space, and tied the Medicine Bundle Findings up -- three ties around the top, and cut the string. 

I took the Medicine Bundle Findings inside to my Altar.  I 'Smudged' it with my White Sage, Purified it of any negative impurities, and silently Blessed it with love and care.

I then held it in my non-dominant hand (my left one) and gave 'Thanks' for my Medicine Bundle Findings coming into my life at this very moment.  
Setting it down upon my special plate at my Altar in which I have other special offerings I have made in the past -- I Blessed it by lighting my White Candle and let it burn for a while, and went along my merry way for the rest of my daily tasks.  


   ~ )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds, 
               Originally Composed on Tuesday, 20 November 2012