Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stories From Home...The Simple Things Held Onto In Life


I want to sit down in the middle of the
craziest day in my life
and think about the
moon and the clouds
It's okay to be ambitious
for simple things


Just look how young and happy and carefree I was as a young adult fresh out of High School! Man oh man! have the years passed by so quickly since then..... I'm guessing this photo was taken by my Mom in the Fall of 1990, shortly before I had trodded to the UP of Michigan to attend my Freshman year of college at Northern Michigan University.

A part of me still lives in those two big hoop silver earrings -- the Independence and Freedom of making new choices in my life when met at the Crossroads: either veering off to the left or the right down the next Pathway of my life.

A younger friend of mine, whom I hadn't really gotten to know all that well, came to my Graduation Party at the Park and had given me that special heart/diamond necklace of gold. I believe she knew more of me
than what I appeared being at that time in my life -- the girl with a heart of gold, worth more than any diamonds ever bought.

The Cross that is hung from my neck was especially made for me years before my college days -- a gift from my Mom with one of her Diamonds that had fallen out from her Wedding Ring. I wore it many times in keeping the Spiritual Faith that was instilled in me and kept my Mom close to my heart in memory. That necklace is now gone and I regret why I had lost it -- but maybe someday, somehow, it will be retrieved again and may possibly come back to me when I least expect it to.

Until then, the Memories...the Love shared between Family...the simple things in life...Shall be found in these Indigenous Woods in Nature at a Place I will Always Call

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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  1. Very nice picture! I still remember those days well....the high school ones and things were so much simplier then. Isn't it funny how we are all in such a hurry to grow up?