Monday, October 22, 2012

Only 10 Days Away! Let's Get Writing With An Open Mind!

Only 10 days away from Writing Our Way Home's "Mindful Writing Day 2012" -- Don't miss out on gathering your Small Stones this November 1st!!!

"When holding a Small Stone in your hand, notice how it permeates light from within and brings HOPE to the future ahead....."

Ooooooooohhhhhh, I'm excited to announce that the site Writing Your Way Home is offering a "Mindful Writing Day", starting November 1, 2012 (read more about it here).  This past January 2012, they offered a month's worth of many who joined from around the world in a "Small Stones Writing Challenge", which I loved participating in and if you missed reading them, I have my listing of each Small Stone that I wrote over at my other Blogger at this link:  Small Stones Writing Challenge

What, may you ask, is a 'Small Stone'?

"A small stone is a short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment."

Here is a sample of one of the many writers who left a Small Stone in the comments section this past year:

Jean Mishra said...
The night is as still as deep water with no kiss of breeze. Only the rhythmic sleeping breath of the darkness brushes ever so slightly against the ear. Then beyond the gate, the tolling bark of a street dog rings. Its voice echoes among the sleeping concrete honeycombs, seeking specific ears. Then an expectant hush. A stray voice punctuates the night in kind, distantly; a reply. Ever so faintly, another joins. The ritual conversation has begun; a secret society moonlit meeting. Only the night knows the affair.

As it appears on my blog:  (*click on Jean's name above to take you to this link*)
10 January 2012

*Isn't it gorgeous?  I missed out on reading that one before, cannot wait to read more at her site as well!*

So get out those pens and pencils and paper and sketch pads, or head out into nature at the beach or in the woods -- and join me this November 1st in this wonderful MINDFUL WRITING DAY -- and check back on my Blogger HERE for my links to each posting I will be making for this project!

Writing Our Way Home will be giving away five paperback copies of A Blackbird Sings, our second small stone anthology, to our favourite five (wherever in the world the authors live).

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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