Monday, July 23, 2012

Beyond Definition That Comes From the Soul

  I found it very intriguing as I came across a wonderful older archive article of Lisa Rough's "Sacred Circle:  awakening the wild women through tribe-building and creative mojo" this morning.  She told the story about your connections with that certain Gorilla at the Zoo, going beyond the means of what their usual habitats and perceptions are and inviting your Soul to just be in reaching out to that particular one through the heart of your very being.  "It was simply about being deeply present with them in those moments, and even more than that, I was deeply connected to myself as well, drawn inward by my authentic desire to be with them on a level that stretched beyond snapping pictures and laughing at their human-like ways ("

Many years back in my earlier studies, I had come across a lovely ritual by Phyllis Curott on something to the extent of seeing something in life "not by dictionary definition of what it actually is", but sitting with that object/subject and 'feeling and listening' to what it has to share and tell you about itself.  Her focus was doing this with a TREE, not looking at it and saying, "Well, it's an Oak and it has deep roots and can live many years and bears Acorns and its leaves turn colours in the Fall" -- but as I leaned against the Oak itself, it taught me how to stand my ground firmly with two feet on the ground, it gave me strength throughout the day, and showed me that I, too, could branch out towards the Sky and become One with my Higher Self in time with courage and healthy humility.

"That’s my intention"  Lisa quoted, " be present from the inside out, with whatever is in front of me in any particular moment.  But how many times do we get misplaced by our desire to be present because we’re looking outside of ourselves for the confirmation that we’re actually there?"

My 'Intentions' throughout my Daily Life's Path has deepened since this time I used to spend with the Oaks on our land where I live -- and reading your older article today has reminded me once again in expanding that growth within me again and being able to feel what is going on in that 'particular moment' brings me back home again to my Self...

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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