Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 2012's First FULL MOON Blessing

One of my dear friends, Fernie, has been such an inspiring Blessing in the Path of the Goddess in her writings -- and I wanted to share delightfully a Poem I found by her (prior this month) for this month of August's First FULL MOON.....)O(

She guides me in the sweet moonlight
this Lady Goddess all dressed in white.
And in the glow of sacredness
she blessed me with a wondrous gift.

And as I sank upon my knees in awe at such a holy thing.
She raised me up and said to me,
"sweet daughter I have chosen thee".

Blessed am I to be a child of the Lady of the Light.
And we will join together on every Full Moon Night.
Blessed be the Lady
Blessed be us everyone
And blessed be this wondrous Full Moon
in safety and health and love and light!

FernLily (c)
Aug 2, 2012
My Heart lies in my Sister here....xo
   ~)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds