Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Great Soul Embarkment On My Spiritual Path's Journey!

NOTES ON "Preparations" BEFORE "The Beginning!"

Indigenous Shamanic Winds' "Soul Coaching" Musings
Saturday, 15 December 2012

I love getting ready  and preparing for any new Journeys I am about to embark on, and the new one I'm starting is based on Denise Linn's book, Soul Coaching, through the lovely creative lovely woman, Jamie Ridler -- whom back in 2008 created through her 'The Next Chapter' tools and explorations with others across the web and studying Linn's book.

I used to love sitting down for hours reading books back in the days when I'd rather be reading something of interest instead of doing my homework for school!  As an adult, I've collected many new books of interest and haven't read any of them all the way through -- and when I started up reading at others' sites, I heard a lot about the "Soul" and decided once again, that it was time to dig deep into my Self once again, (seems like I'm always doing that, LOL!), and when I ran across Ridler's site, I followed a link to this wonderful Journey I decided to take!

Writing has always been a love and hobby of mine, so I'll probably follow along the course logging in two Journals -- one for pure writing and side-notes, and another for adding "Art" to.  I have a little Memo Book Journal that I add things of interest (recipes, quotes, short notes, doodles, etc.) already, and often when I write something down that I want to remember on a "whim", I grab the nearest piece of paper or napkin beside me -- for I usually take notes in my 'mind', but always forget about them later when I want to remember them!

There are 28 days of this course, but I'm sure I'll probably go along with it as I am inspired in doing so, and since learning about one's "Soul" is a long process, it'll become more of something I'll do for a lifetime commitment.

I have a hard time with 'Intentions' -- since I have a chaotic mind at times, I am easily distracted and get off-course, but it's all a part of "Trusting the Process" for me -- but I think I'll do something easy and basic for this project.  Maybe draw a picture and along side it, write out an "Affirmation" for this.

And put it someplace where I can look physically at it every day!  This is what I plan on doing for my "Sacred Contract".

Oh, and what better place than to have it sitting on an "Altar" -- I love decorating and dedicating Altars!

"Becoming the Bear, Hibernating In My Cave, Planting My New Seeds Of My Spiritual Seeds, Embarking On This Great 'Soul Coaching' Journey....."

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo.

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