Witch/Old Religions Studies & Musings

There are many new here in the Pagan community who are looking into the
Old Ways of Witchcraft and the newer ways of Wiccan. The way I look at
it, it really doesn't matter what you call yourself while studying the
Craft -- it is more of what you do in your life on your journey while
searching and seeking the unknown Mysteries of that in which you are

Like childbirth is a 'Miracle' that happens to millions of women everyday on our planet Earth, the Craft is a 'Mystery'
in which takes dedicated and committed people who acknowledge that
there is something more out there that we want to learn about -- and in
acknowledging and taking this step in finding out who our ancient
ancestors were, what they did in their time here in the world, when
they started getting vibrations and signs of the unknown factors of
that which began happening around them, why they took such an interest
in finding out about what they did not know, and how they incorporated
it into their lives with others and Nature and the villages and forests.

As a child we probably have heard or have read many Fairy Tales, and in
myths we wonder about how the real Faeries came about. We hear stories
told of the ancient peoples, about Gods and Goddesses, and heroes and
heroines, and mythical creatures and demons, and many, many battles
amongst the Warriors and the Kings and the peoples of the lands and the
such. If we study into the history of how we came this day to accepting
Wiccan or Witchcraft as an ancient way of life, it is well worth
finding out and studying upon these subjects -- for many of the
Mysteries are revealed throughout the happenings of past history.

Very much like today, if we have read about Shamans and their journeys
that they take in the Other realms, we realize that we -- as
individuals today -- have went through many heartaches and happiness
and pain and joy to get from one part of our life into another. We
don't just "grow up",
like adults often tend to say to their children when they do something
that is disliked or uncalled for in front of their parents or others --
and I believe that children not only behave like this because they are
acting and behaving 'bad', or want attention, but to draw forth
something of interest of theirs intact to attract attention, bring
something unknown to surface and to learn about the responses of others
and the consequences that they sometimes pay for afterwards.

This is in fact not only how we search for answers of that which we do
not know of, but with each and every day, we tend to "grow" instead of
'grow up'. When we grow, we are taking our chances in life, learning
about something new, taking risks of what will happen if we do one
thing or another, and facing the serious consequences not in the end,
but afterwards -- and then facing those consequences with inner power
to bring about our strengths and abilities by using love to dig
ourselves back out of our holes of negativity and use our wits in
positive perspectives, bringing about change in and of ourselves.

So with this said, I would like to ask you -- as an individual person
that you are -- what has brought you here to learn about the Craft,
whether it be Wiccan, Pagan, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Wise Woman, Herbalist, etc.?   Share and tell
us about your thoughts on the subject at hand, remembering that there
are no right or wrong answers -- for it is you whom we are talking
about, not somebody else and their beliefs.

What do you think will make you a Witch or a Wiccan?

What is it that intrigues you about the path and/or journey you would like to take?

Are you willing to study and learn all that you can to help in guiding you and making you a better person as an individual?

Many blessings to you all on your journey towards learning and sharing with those of like minds.

Written and Composed by:  )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds, October 2010