Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bumblebee Sends Me A Warning of Dogs Nearby While Gathering Multiflora Petals.....

I was minding my own business while trying to gather a cupful of Rosa Multiflora petals and heard a buzzing Bumblebee swarming around the sweet-smelling flowers. I found my camera and tried taking a photo of it and lost it. 

Moments later after not seeing the Bumblebee, I wondered where it had disappeared to so fast. Not thinking, I started once again plucking petals into my measuring cup, and went to turn around -- and eight little legs on two dogs came slowly trotting towards me, their funny pudgy homely-looking faces growling at me as they jumped and moved closer.

I tried not showing fear, but edged myself away from the woods onto the driveway and told them to go back home (they were someone's dogs, had collars with name tags on them) -- and I don't run fast, so didn't really feel like being chased by them.

I think I was more afraid that they'd follow me back home, because I had our Bella girl out on her chain in the backyard waiting for me, and she's in 'heat' -- and didn't need that fiasco this afternoon; have enough with our pup Ollie going around following her all day long!

The dogs had only took a stance closer, then finally turned and went the other way back into the woods -- and I got home safe. So I continued my harvesting in our backyard bushes by the White Pines.

Wanting to lay them out somewhere to rid of the bugs before making a 'Honey Infusion' with them -- I once again forgot to bring up some old screening to lay them to dry on. And of course, the wind picked up just the slightest bit outside, so made a covering on them. And day keeps wanting to look like rain, so Sun is going in and out of clouds, and felt a drop earlier as well.

Anyhoo, I think the bugs have parted and I'm going to bring them in to make my concoction!

What are others harvesting at this time of the season?

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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