Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stories From Home...The Simple Things Held Onto In Life


I want to sit down in the middle of the
craziest day in my life
and think about the
moon and the clouds
It's okay to be ambitious
for simple things


Just look how young and happy and carefree I was as a young adult fresh out of High School! Man oh man! have the years passed by so quickly since then..... I'm guessing this photo was taken by my Mom in the Fall of 1990, shortly before I had trodded to the UP of Michigan to attend my Freshman year of college at Northern Michigan University.

A part of me still lives in those two big hoop silver earrings -- the Independence and Freedom of making new choices in my life when met at the Crossroads: either veering off to the left or the right down the next Pathway of my life.

A younger friend of mine, whom I hadn't really gotten to know all that well, came to my Graduation Party at the Park and had given me that special heart/diamond necklace of gold. I believe she knew more of me
than what I appeared being at that time in my life -- the girl with a heart of gold, worth more than any diamonds ever bought.

The Cross that is hung from my neck was especially made for me years before my college days -- a gift from my Mom with one of her Diamonds that had fallen out from her Wedding Ring. I wore it many times in keeping the Spiritual Faith that was instilled in me and kept my Mom close to my heart in memory. That necklace is now gone and I regret why I had lost it -- but maybe someday, somehow, it will be retrieved again and may possibly come back to me when I least expect it to.

Until then, the Memories...the Love shared between Family...the simple things in life...Shall be found in these Indigenous Woods in Nature at a Place I will Always Call

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perfect Timing for Yet Another Wonderful Inspiration In My Life!

Once again, I've been totally inspired by another wonderful person -- Shannon this time, over at her site "a free Spirit life"!!!  I was reading her newsletter that was sent out to me, found her page on Facebook, and wrote in response to the beautiful quote below by an old favorite author of mine during my childhood/adolescent years in my life, JUDY BLUME...

 "Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them.  How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives.  To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it."
 - Judy Blume, Tiger Eyes

Looking at the conception of FEAR for the past years of my life, I've noticed that although it has stirred up and swirled into our lives since we were born in a 'Widdershins' Spiral pattern from the outside circle going inwards, those fears have built up over the years and nearly hit the Core Center of it some years back when it came to surface from the Unconscious.

Like being at the 'Core' of the Earth, it was like a fire-hot orange ball, imbued with anger and depression and sadness and self-defeat, the Fire-In-the-Soul awaiting to explode.  I had come to a point of my life where I wasn't going to give up.

But I had also been aware certainly of this powerful energy that had built up inside the womb.  I traveled a nasty Journey into the Underworld for about a year, when the Universe and I came in Balance finally -- and slowly, my Core Being began releasing all this tension and such that I had.

It took turn and the Spiral pattern began to once again traveling 'Deosil', spiraling outwards, waving good-bye to my anger, freeing from my depression, putting on a happy-face, giving me the courage and strength in finally surfacing my pains.

I let them go.  I released with LOVE instead of exploding.   And the Sun shone brightly in the Sky again for me!

I have continued, since then, in making Connections and Balancing my Self out with the Universe.  I have understood that Fear is there in helping to aide us and challenging us with how we choose to live our lives.  And like Judy Blume quoted above, how we handle our Selves is where our lives determine us in heading.

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beyond Definition That Comes From the Soul

  I found it very intriguing as I came across a wonderful older archive article of Lisa Rough's "Sacred Circle:  awakening the wild women through tribe-building and creative mojo" this morning.  She told the story about your connections with that certain Gorilla at the Zoo, going beyond the means of what their usual habitats and perceptions are and inviting your Soul to just be in reaching out to that particular one through the heart of your very being.  "It was simply about being deeply present with them in those moments, and even more than that, I was deeply connected to myself as well, drawn inward by my authentic desire to be with them on a level that stretched beyond snapping pictures and laughing at their human-like ways (http://www.sacredcirclecreativelife.com/uncategorized/creativity-living-from-the-inside-out/)."

Many years back in my earlier studies, I had come across a lovely ritual by Phyllis Curott on something to the extent of seeing something in life "not by dictionary definition of what it actually is", but sitting with that object/subject and 'feeling and listening' to what it has to share and tell you about itself.  Her focus was doing this with a TREE, not looking at it and saying, "Well, it's an Oak and it has deep roots and can live many years and bears Acorns and its leaves turn colours in the Fall" -- but as I leaned against the Oak itself, it taught me how to stand my ground firmly with two feet on the ground, it gave me strength throughout the day, and showed me that I, too, could branch out towards the Sky and become One with my Higher Self in time with courage and healthy humility.

"That’s my intention"  Lisa quoted, "...to be present from the inside out, with whatever is in front of me in any particular moment.  But how many times do we get misplaced by our desire to be present because we’re looking outside of ourselves for the confirmation that we’re actually there?"

My 'Intentions' throughout my Daily Life's Path has deepened since this time I used to spend with the Oaks on our land where I live -- and reading your older article today has reminded me once again in expanding that growth within me again and being able to feel what is going on in that 'particular moment' brings me back home again to my Self...

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo