Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not Ruling Out the Possibilities I Can Explore On My Own This Upcoming Spring!

" Today's the last day for the early bird price on my ecourse for Spring.  It starts Monday.  We'll be nature journaling, making art projects, finding a secret spot outside to observe the seasonal changes, studying Maiden Goddesses and Yes!  some Tarot play.  Join us?" 
     ~Joanna Powell Colbert, Gaian Tarot on Facebook

*Enrollment for class can be made by clicking on here at GAIAN SOUL SEASONAL PRACTICES FOR SPRING today for the Early Bird special!!!*

Anyone who does and can apply for this course, I am more than positive that you'll gain much knowledge and wisdom from this lovely lady and all those involved!

SIGN UP SOON! so you don't miss out on this wonderful offering and opportunity in aide of expanding your love for this.

I would love to take this course with but at the moment it's just not possible.  Though I am not ruling out any possibilities until I can find the funds!

Keeping her (Joanna's) words in mind of making room in my daily life for mindful creative expression, I shall seek out what Inspired my Creativeness through my Patron Celtic Goddess, Brigid, through Her many aspects of Creativity, and start indulging myself into anything that intrigues my Creativeness -- whether it be Art or Writing or Crafting...

Knowing my Body has already begun (though always is, just ever-changing with each day's patterns!) aligning with the "...rhythms of nature as we leap into the time of greening and blossoming,...", I shall start Meditating more outside with the Elements in Nature once again -- making Connections with the inspiring Air, the burning Fires, the calm flowing Waters, the Centering and Grounding of the Earth, and keeping an open-mind in receiving any messages from the very Souls of the Spiritual Divine.

It's been a very long time since I've made contact with the very Goddess(es) of the upcoming Season -- and I shall research and begin experiencing with them once again, finding and seeking out "the Maiden[s] of Spring" and start Dancing with Her/Them once again!

I have always found that if something is not affordable at the moment, the next best thing in experiencing what is being offered that one cannot take part in -- can participate by finding some basic and simple starting points (like her article in speaking of this course) and take notes from others as well, and incorporate them into one's own unique practices on their Pathway!

Love & Hugs of the Upcoming Spring Season,
   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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