Monday, March 19, 2012

Tracking Back Three Years In My Life.....

Back in April of 2009 on a site eons ago, one of my good friends had posted asking us to answer the following questions on our own:

"I am a Witch because I _______."

"I consider myself a Witch because I believe _______."

"I was taught Witchcraft by my Grandmother, and we carry on practices like _______."

In this exercise, you may not define yourself or your beliefs or practices by comparing them to or contrasting them with those of other paths. You may, however, mention whether you also follow another path, and tell us something about that as well.

This might be harder to do than you think!

So --- an ye be willing, come tell us about yourself, what you do, what you believe, what you hold dear, and how you see yourself as a Witch. :)

This had really made me think, ponder, and meditate upon such a reality that I had been feeling at that time in the moment about why I had come back to my studies in the Old Ways of Witchcraft. Eventually my thoughts and feelings became a reality of who I am today on my Path and where I learned being a Witch from (answered in the last question which I adapted) -- a question for us to ponder on: "Where did our ancestors of the Old beliefs learn of that which has been passed to us."

Below were my answers to the discussion questions asked:

"I am a Witch because I teach and share the Truths of what I know, practice with what Magick is available to me in the present time, and experience the past through the Mysteries that have already revealed themselves to me.

"I consider myself a Witch because I believe that when I was called upon by the presence of the Divine (Goddess, in my case) it is in my own will and right being committed in my path for a lifetime journey of working with my Craft and Gifts that the Gods have given me the talents and creativity to work in union with Them to create Self-healings and cleansings for myself so that I can love myself before carrying on my work and experiences and helping to take care of others in the world, the Earth, and in Nature itself.

"I was taught Witchcraft by the Moon, the God/dess, and Nature, and carry on practices like that in which I have learned from these aspects, which I consider to be 'real' and 'alive' -- and through the Energies that each of these pose in sending to me, I have created my own Craft as an Eclectic Solitary Witch, and have incorporated the Old Ways of Wisdom that I have researched and learned about from signs and symbols and animals and whispers in the wind, in my new Witchcraft today as an Intuitive, Self-taught Witch."

Where did our ancestors of the Old beliefs learn of that which has been passed to us?

Imagine yourself being the only human being on Earth when life began.Take a look all around you. Who else do you see? are there any other beings like you? what do you see around you? are there any trees? plants? herbs? flowers? creatures of another kind? What kind of land are you standing/sitting on? clay or soil? dirt or grass? rocks or stones? When did you come to the perception that what you have seen around you and what you are sitting/standing on were the Elements of the Earth? Where did the Air come from in the vastness of the open skies? where does the Water flow from in a stream, to a lake? an ocean? another body of water? Where did the water emerge from? The blazing Sun shares its warmth, heat, and dries out the foliage amongst the leaves and bushes. It feels like a burning Fire, and then is a burning fire amongst where you are sitting/standing. Why do you run for a cave in the darkness? How does this cave make you feel? like you are safe? like being back in your mother's womb? like you're protected? How do these visions and thoughts and feelings entering your mind effect you? Whom do you turn to for answers?

Whom do you turn to for answers? Well, if you are the only human being on the Earth, and you are surrounded by the land around you, with Creatures, Plants, Trees, Caves, Water, Stones, etc. and you have thoughts and feelings from these things, there must be some kind of Spirit inside each and every one of them in which by following your own intuition these answers to these Mysterious things emerge in the presence from your very Soul. Yet back when, the human did not have names for these objects and surroundings. The human did not know what a Spirit or his/her own Soul was. So something, somewhere, in connections in being surrounded by these things on the land that our Ancestors lived on communed with them, giving each its own name and definition and feelings and thoughts of who others were, what they did when they were alive, when they emerged with other human interactions, where they were at when this all happened, why they felt and thought the ways they did in that moment in time, and how they seeked out the Mysteries of the Unknown through communing not only with themselves, but the land around them and others whom lived on the lands with them.

In Nature.

So just as our Ancestors of the Old beliefs learned about what was all around them and feeling and vibrations within them, is how we today have learned from them what used to be, and is pretty much the same how we live our lives today from what has been passed down to us: Our being in Harmony and Communication with our 'Selves', others and other objects and creatures around us, and All That Is in our Environments and Cultures of and around the Sacred Earth.


Written and Composed by: Indigenous Shamanic Winds ©2010
Composed on: Sunday, 24 January 2010


  1. I really loved this blog, it's always great to know how others came upon their path

    Rachel x

  2. Thank you for connecting, Rachel xo!!! I've been looking back on some of my earlier writings and it's always a blessing seeing how far I've come and changed -- yet I am always coming back to the beginning of things in my lifetime!

    I look forward to reading more at your Blog as well. Have a blessed day, sweet xo!

    Shami )O(