Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Unidentified Berries Growing In Woods At One of My Sacred Places

I took this photo in our Woods on the old bike trails back in January of last year. I shall find out what they are when they bloom in the Spring hopefully -- but the Berries on this plant that popped up over our Winter season here in Michigan intrigued me in understanding more during this cold time of the year. I don't see too many other Plants at the moment that have berries growing on them, so I thought this one I hadn't seen before would help in working with them more closely.

Common sense and knowledge reminds me since I'm unfamiliar with these berries, I shall NOT taste and spit back out, nor EAT them!

But I shall Gather a few, Bless and place them in their own special bowl on an Altar, and spend more time with them. There are a very small abundance of these in the area in which I found them, I am deciding whether or not to gently harvest one of them up from their roots (there is no snow on them now, just solid ground) and work with the one inside the house.

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds


  1. It sure will be interesting to find out what those berries are when the flowers bloom. I just love nature. I feel so *at one* with it.

    1. LOL, heard from a fellow Herbalist that those berries? Get this: they may be POISON IVY!!! Oh, Lord and Lady...I wouldn't have imagined!!!

      Though it's recently, if it IS Poison Ivy -- has given me some ideas for something in the future to do with them nasty little seedlings that I'm SO GLAD I NEVER INGESTED!!!

      XO hUGS XO