Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Stinging Nettles Springing Up Delightfully -- WHOOO HOOO!!!

Baby Nettles Springing Up~Tops Dried for Herbal Infusion?

Last year, I finally found a place where Stinging Nettles were growing -- in the yard across the street from me at a deceased neighbor's yard which is not being
occupied and/or lived in at the moment. On my excursions these past few weeks, I found that last years Nettle seeds had spread delightfully, and now
Baby Nettles are beginning to shoot up everywhere!  I am taking Susun Weed's course over at The Wise Woman University called 'Nourishing Herbal Infusions - Drink Your Way to Health' (which anyone interested can sign up HERE at the bookshop!) -- and am soooo very excited after the past few years to finding this patch of Stinging Nettles to begin working with as a new Ally!

I am in the Lower Penninsula of Michigan (near Jim Mcdonald!) and it's early Spring here with lots of buds on trees as well as our Forsythia bushes 
flowering already. We've had Crocuses popped up, the Forget-Me-Nots starting to green on their leaves, and have one Daffodil opened -- along with the 
beginnings of some Poppies by our house!

One Herbal Practitioner commented that the use of Nettles could be harvested when they are yet still babies. I'm taking Susun's Herbal Nourishing In-
fusions course
, and was wondering...could I start harvesting these baby Nettle 'Tops' to dry and keep for storage for future Infusions -- or should I wait
until the Nettles have grown a little more and harvest their Leaves before it Flowers?

I had also came across somewhere about using the Nettles' Leaf Tops as babies with Garlic and Butter (I love to cook as well!). I'd be grateful for any
information containing the Harvesting of these sweet Baby Nettle Tops!

Stinging Nettle Tops Blessings!

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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