Thursday, March 8, 2012

Energies In the Winds of Change Are Shifting

"The winds of change.  We have heard this many times.  The winds dissipate energy or distribute energy.  How each chooses to use the energy is what makes the choice.  Once the wind releases the energy into the world there is a release.  Just as within our own beings, we must release before we can be receive.  If our hands are already full, we cannot pick up something new.  To restore balance in the world, to allow for new, something must be released.  That release is our prejudgments, our competitive natures, our lack of respect and honor for the sacred ground we walk upon, and our fears."

What a beautiful and inspiring excerpt by Carla Goddard in her article called, "A Fire Message ... A Call to the Collective".  Take one moment of your time on your Path and check out the rest of it at her site, Shaman Medicine Woman:  A Contemporary Perspective.  See for your SELF how you can find these lovely Energies within as well as without.

The Winds of Change Have Arrived and Are Here!!!

...and I am listening.

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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