Saturday, January 7, 2012

When Our Animal Totems Seek Us Out In Nature.....

Finding my Animal Totems actually began sometime back when they seeked me out instead.  It all started some years back when the Squirrel kept entering my mind.  Ever since a child and living in the woods, I had always 'listened' and watched the animals that have physically taken place in my life -- but it wasn't until we had lived in an apartment by ourselves finally that I'd watch out the back window and listen to the sounds of the delightful animals over the traffic of the main street in front a ways from our building.

Before I had moved out once again from my parents house and started living with my fiance, I had seen many more Black Squirrels and Red Squirrels -- which usually one would only see if they had traveled more up north in our state of Michigan, but they migrated down and there were more and more of them I had observed coming on our Land for food and nesting areas.

So one day when looking out the window, I noticed a Black Squirrel that I hadn't seen in a long time, after we'd moved several of times and lived in different areas where the wildlife was limited -- I noticed how he'd been playing around in the branches of the tree, then he disappeared.  I was so disappointed, but it was that 'special moment' that I got to commune mentally with the Black Squirrel and asked for his 'aide' in my life.

It had reminded me that, like myself, I loved to play and be wild and free - but in the end, wanted to trod off and go back 'home'.  I loved the apartment and the spacious room it had for just the two of us, and the price was right for us -- but I felt we had needed something more stable and grounding, someplace we could have on our own without hearing music vibrating through the walls and neighbors doors slamming each time someone came or left the building.

I wanted to go back 'Home'.

Starting to think back and meditating in how we could get a house of our own, I realized that even over the years I did not understand the communication between animals and my own spiritual stance -- that so many of certain ones (animals) had come and gone and come back consistently in my life, and actually had taught me much about myself and my feelings and what I wanted in life, without even knowing it until then!

I took action like a Squirrel and started 'gathering my nuts' together, so to say -- and we started seriously taking action in finding our way to Home, where I once lived and loved growing up at, and where my fiance and I could start a new life of our own together like my parents had done many years back when they first built their house.

Like a Squirrel, we had many challenges and obstacles we had to endeavor and overcome -- and finally it led us Home.  We still take challenges and conquer what we need to in meeting the needs of staying at our place, but I told my fiance and was firm about my decision (like a Squirrel is being firm about what nut he chooses to eat):  Nobody can drive me away from our Home.  This is where I grew up and played, this is where WE are going to play and grow Old.

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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