Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reflecting On Past Christmases With My Deceased Grandmother

Date Composed:  Christmas Eve, Saturday, 24      December 2011

One of the best gifts I had in my life were close family whom passed -- especially my Grandmother.  This was her time of the year at Christmas where she had most opened up her heart and gave her blessed Self to her family when we'd all have the gathering at her place for the day.  She would be in the kitchen making up her portion of the dinner and would make it a point to visit with each of us that were there with her -- young and old.

I especially remember one Christmas.  I went to visit by myself with her I believe the following day after the family gathering, and we were sitting and talking for a while -- and she wanted me to listen to a tape she had recorded off a Christian radio show.  It was called "A Cup Of Christmas Tea and A Memory of Christmas Tea":

(Amazon's Book Description)

"If you find you have some time, how wonderful if we could have a little chat and share a cup of Christmas tea."

A man receives an invitation from his elderly, ailing aunt and doesn't want to go. It's the midst of the Christmas rush, and who needs the aggravation? The depression? The strain? Driven by guilt, he visits her anyway, and rediscovers the true meaning of Christmas.

Tom Hegg wrote A Cup of Christmas Tea in 1981, when his pastor asked him to write something for his church's 125th anniversary. Drawing on childhood memories, he composed a straightforward, sentimental poem that brought tears to his audience's eyes. First published in 1982, it's been a seasonal best-seller ever since.

A Memory of Christmas Tea, published in 1999, is the heartwarming sequel. Revisiting the themes of A Cup of Christmas Tea, it gently reminds us of the important things in life—such as taking time for loved ones.

My Granmother served me up a hot cup of tea, and I listened very carefully to the tape by myself.  Being that I was the closest Granddaughter of hers (at least that is how I've felt over the years) and keeping an open-mind and open-heart to what I was listening to, I sat comfortably and really 'listened' -- blocking everything of my life out and focusing on that particular special moment between my Grandmother and I.  There were times throughout the story that had tears in my eyes, and not really remembering now just exactly how I 'felt', I knew in my own heart that this time with her was to be cherished, and I've held onto that moment forever since that night.

My Grandmother was very special to me as she was to my mom, whom she shared many stories and laughs and tears and sadness with of her own family with her.  Whenever she called and talked with my mom, she always made it a point to talk to me too; and many of times when I just needed someone to talk to or to have listen to me, I'd call her on my own free-will, and we'd have the best of conversations ever, each and every one of them throughout my childhood and until the day she passed away.

This time of the season still brings tears to my eyes, and now that she's gone, I cannot imagine ever having any kind of love I had in particular with anyone else that was like between my Grandmother's and mine.  So I am constantly reminded by this story and having that Christmas tea with her -- and the true meaning of the season.  I take this time now in reflection of what she has taught me through all her unconditional love, and in hopes of carrying on her Spirituality I learned from her in my own way of giving and being thankful of those closest in my life.

Blessings of the Season of Reflection to ALL.
   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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