Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Past PRESENCE of Goldenrod On My Land Continues Making Me 'Whole'

Last year, I was lost in knowing where to begin my Herbal approaches. There seemed so much to learn, and although I understood that not everything can ever be retained in one's lifetime on Earth, I wasn't really sure where to begin.

I had walked and played and worked on the Land that I live on for many of years, and after coming back Home, there was something different in the air that I hadn't felt before with my actual connections on the land -- there was something in its PRESENCE that I could feel and just couldn't put my finger on it!

Then one warm Fall day, the Land reached out and made me 'Whole' -- the grass was beginning to dry and die, the trees had all lost most of their fallen leaves, and the entire woods looked brown. Yet vibrant specks of Yellow filled a section of our yard: Goldenrod! The bees and bugs were buzzing happily from flower-to-flower, the sun was shining Gold in the sky, and there was a Spirit in the air which lifted me up and gave me hope for all that would soon die and be reborn again the following Spring.

I searched and seeked the web for anything that would help bring me a bit closer to the land in which these Goldenrod grew on. I yearned to learn more about its medicinal and healing and magickal properties -- yet through all my Spiritual studies, I felt stuck with nowhere but the beginning to start learning; but where that was, I just didn't know.

Then finally, my Goldenrod spoke to me and led me to a Blogger that had a course on Herbal Allies. I began reading what it had to offer, and the others blogs who were also involved in the study -- and it felt to me like a perfect start in learning about sweet Goldenrod!

The presence of the Goldenrod later that year led me to investigating and reading and experiencing
with other Herbs and Plants as well on my new Journey.

If it wasn't for its delicate PRESENCE in my life, the road I was on may had led down another Path -- but I am grateful for where it has led me and where it today continues to lead me spiritually.

What has shown a 'Presence' in your life that you simply could not ignore?
  ~ )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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