Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inspirational Poetry By My Dearest Sister, FernLily

"Today I step out and reach for the stars and become one with the stardust energy.
And this night I will seek the counsel of the Ancient Mother and the Lord of the Wild Green woods. I will also honor the
bloodline of my Ancestors and ask for their guidance. I will embrace being a daughter of the Ancient Ones, blessed am I to have found my path and the knowledge to walk it as I travel this Earth journey."      ~FernLily, Sunday, 11 December 2011
There is something about this wonderful woman's poetry and stories that absolutely touch my heart when I especially am in need of reaching out to the Goddesses and Gods.  Bless her dear heart, my Sister I am proud to be to her, as she is to me -- who continuously inspires me from deep down within the Soul where nobody can ever reach except the Spiritual Muses of love, joy, and respect.  
Many Blessings and I hope that Fernie continues in inspiring and reaching out to others through her wonderful Gift of Writing.  This dear Crone has so much to share, just sit back and meditate upon the poetry she has shared once again.
 My Journey Into the Woods with My Dog Bella 
FernLily's lovely prose from the Ancient Mother through you reached out to me and made a 'silent' calling I was not nearly expecting tonight. I had just showered and took our pup Bella outside for her last walk of the night after reading your post and blogging on it.....

I usually only allow her to go where the lights from around our house is shining (I save the woods adventures for the dogs during the day) -- and I looked up at the Moon in the star-lit sky tonight, no thoughts or worries or emotions running through me, let Bella lead me down into the woods as I watched the Moon. She followed me and I followed Her. I stopped briefly down the path and looked from the sky down to the ground where Bella was sniffing around on the cold and snowy Earth, remembering how she loves digging into the Underworld realm in seeking what's beneath the dark soil of the ground.

Smiling and knowing that she was thoroughly enjoying me walking her where I usually don't tread at night with her, I kept walking as she pulled me down the little steep of the trail, around an old fallen branch that I had left in the path for years so that we had something to 'step over' along the way and so the dogs wouldn't go haywire and make me slide down the hill, and stopped once again. This time I was not looking up at the Sky Realms, nor the Underworld Realms: I looked ahead of me at the lengths of the trees that had grown so tall over the years since I was a child, and felt once again that I was on the Journey of my chosen Path, in the Middle Realm -- and knowing that I was not alone nor afraid of the shadows of black and gray and white in the night.

The Goddess was walking beside me, I Her Daughter, Priestess of Self -- and the God was there with me also, shedding His light and dark of our woods straight to my open heart in love and in trust. I carry the Moon and Her blessed 'Secret Place' that I scouted out tonight -- and in hopes of doing meditations and rituals there with Her in the near future.

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds 


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  1. thank you Sham this is such an honor to have you create this for me. bless you for always believeing in me. love ya Fernie