Saturday, December 10, 2011

Healing of Animals ~ Cats Special Touch

Healing of the Cats
~By Indigenous Shamanic Winds, Saturday, 10 December 2011

*Inspired by "Touch of the Goddess Healing, Aromatherapy, & Gift Shop on Facebook" from the posting on the page:

"The most adept healers in the world are your pets. Don't believe me? Sit down with a kitty or your dog or watch your tank of fish and then tell me you don't feel better. Be good to your pets, they love you know matter what and isn't that just too cool?"

I once had a female cat, Kitty, whom was such an amazing indoor/outdoor cat and quite the 'Healer'. About 14 years back, I had my Gallbladder removed, and the Surgeon was telling me about certain things to avoid -- one of them being not to lift anything heavy let alone have anything heavy on my incision area. I was pretty much drugged up on meds and pain killers, knocked me out and I laughed at everything while on certain ones.

I was missing having my Kitty curling up with me, she loved the family and always being 'close' physically to us, and I used to have her curl up on my chest and fall asleep on me when resting or at night time when I went to bed. I felt kinda like a part of me was missing when I she continuously kept climbing on me and wanted to be close to me -- and I'd push her down, because she'd climb right over the area of the one main incision scar.

One day I was really feeling crappy and felt a calling from her that it was ok to have her on me, I didn't care what the Surgeon had said about not having anything 'heavy' upon the area, so I let Kitty curl up and right in the dead center of my incision -- and just closed my eyes petting and meditating with her. The feeling of slow and careful healing from Kitty washed over my entire body, and for days when I was laying down or sleeping, I'd position her on my incision and ask for aide of the Divine Goddess to help heal and comfort me in my pain through Kitty's purring and soft and gentle body.

She healed me to health and I learned that Doctors may have advice -- but turning inwardly and listening to spiritual beings that send messages to one help out in the balance of one's personal Self-Healings.

I now have a young male cat -- Cisco -- who's slowly coming around and getting closer to us -- though he's very finicky and only is close when he wants to be, I'm working with him, and last night it was just so content watching him lay under the Yule tree in our house.


~)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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