Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spontaenous Imbolc Ritual of February 2012 ~ HAIL BRIGID )O( !!!

I took my old leftover Herbs from most of the straining I did last year, put them in a Green Container (after I cleansed it with some Sage, since it was 'plastic', have to recycle somehow, lol, right??!!!) mixed in with some (bottled) Spring Water, capped and shook it generously setting my Intentions for my past Blessings, and took it outside to my 'Goddess Tree'.

I gave it my Thanks and offered the Herbs around the tree and stump Deosil -- and into the little 'Well' (a hole in the Stump) for a Water Blessing that knowing that the simple Prayer I said, respectfully:

"May ALL flow clearly
   in the upcoming Cycles of
        My Life This Year".


*I love when I don't plan anything -- intuition and spontaneous Ritual just comes to me throughout the Seasonal Changes of the Wheel of the Year as it Turns xo!*

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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