Thursday, March 28, 2013

Remembering to LISTEN Through My Geode Stone's Medicine

I learned to really LISTEN one time when my fiance husband and I were at our local Native American store.....

I was in search for a special stone, ran my fingers over them, felt for energies reaching out to me, meditating on each one of them — and nothing came to me; absolutely NOTHING.

I left the store feeling somewhat deflated that not even one of the many had called out to me, but I did not hold a grudge against it. It just not had been meant to be at that moment.

It was a mostly cloudy day, the Sun was behind the clouds and kind of cool, but we took a walk down to Central Park in town from the store, and we visited the lake where on the shore there were usually Geese eating and where on the water people in canoes usually went down — but there were not any at all that day. Mostly kids and their parents playing on the play construction there.

I took a swing on the swings and got a natural high on life, but even that did not appeal to me at that moment for some reason. So I got off and we walked across the grass towards the bridge that led over a stream of water to the lake where the old baseball field and some trees and hills filled the land.

Me having shorter legs than my fiance husband, I trudged forward taking quick steps to catch up with him, and nearly tripped as he taunted me to catch up. Instead of moving onward, I looked back to see no hole where I had tripped. I stopped and walked back over my prior footsteps, knowing it was SOMETHING I tripped over, since the grass was dry and was not really bumpy in that area. 

I saw an ugly stone sitting by itself where I had been at when I tripped. I reached down and picked it up, thinking I could use it to throw in the water under the bridge for a wish. But as I turned it over, I noticed that it was a Geode! There was a small opening in it revealing its lovely little crystals inside. I was ecstatic and almost kissed it for tripping me!

What a find.

I ran to catch up with my fiance husband to show him what I had found, and looking back at where it had been on the ground, I gave a silent THANK YOU in return. Then an amazing thing happened. As I looked up at the sky, the clouds had cleared their way from the Sun, and it shone down brightly upon us.

My message I received had been made clear to me. Sometimes one has to wait and just be patient for something they may really want and can not or do not have it — like those stones that had not reached out to me, I had went out the store empty-handed to find exactly what the Universe had in store for me to learn that day.

And my Gift of giving back what lesson I had received from the beautiful Geode.
I smiled, acted in accord, and we went on with our day together.

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

(Post originally written at The Sidhe Seed in the 'Comments' Section under an article by Cynthia Cano.)

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